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  1. For me, Pro Mmotion is THE pixel and animation solution. So simple yet loaded with stuff. You can use it's simple pixel and animation features to get something done fast, yet expand with the features it offers. (And, of course, hotkeys that feels like Deluxe Paint on the Commodore Amiga)
  2. Hello folks,   Caverns of Bling is our little casual retro game. Demo is here for you to try out! Comments & feeback are always welcome. And if you want to support us on Greenlight - Super!   http://gamephase.net/files/CavernsOfBlingDemo.zip   /Bahotoh, Graphic Artist //GamePhase Team   http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=551837894  
  3. Hello folks,   Demo is here for you to try out! Comments & feeback are always welcome. And if you want to support us on Greenlight - Super!   http://gamephase.net/files/CavernsOfBlingDemo.zip   /Bahotoh, Graphic Artist //GamePhase Team
  4. Hi everybody! Here's the trailer for Caverns of Bling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qf6eBAgb134 This game was a sudden idea that we worked on in the spirit of a quick gamejam. We tried to limit the scope of the game to get more experience in game design. We're on Steam Greenlight. Votes and support are deeply appreciated! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=551837894   In Caverns of Bling, you play the adventurer Edward Pickett. Your mission is to find valuable gems deep within the caverns and get out alive, all in glorious pixel style. You control Edward by moving in four directions (using the arrow or WASD keys), space bar shows the map and mining the gems is done simply by holding a key in the direction where you see the gems. Monsters are out to get you, so avoid them at alla cost. Should you find yourself in a sticky situation, your last resort is to place a stick of dynamite on a wall by pressing and holding a direction key along with the space bar. Dynamite only blows through walls, not monsters. The gem slots on the upper left hand corner shows you how many gems you need to find on the current level to open the exit stairs. The map will show the exit stairs in red if you have already seen it. When the necessary amount of gems have been found and mined, a sound jingle will alert you that the level can be exited via the stairs. + The game is also being polished for android as we speak. We wish to thank everyone who have supported so far! //Team GamePhase
  5. Players seem to agree that the demo is hard to beat. Here's a nice playthrough of the first level: ( tactics spoilers! )   http://youtu.be/T-Hj8kzzn7g
  6. Vindicator: Uprising playable demo released for Windows It’s a single screen, retro style platform shoot ‘em up with pixelated graphics and an orchestral soundtrack. You play a special agent fighting hordes of angels after turning against his order. Updated download links: Windows installer -> http://www.gamephase.net/?download=109 Windows zip -> http://www.gamephase.net/?download=156 Mac OS X -> http://www.gamephase.net/?download=142 Ubuntu Linux -> http://www.gamephase.net/?download=147 We have worked really hard in trying to create an enjoyable yet challenging gaming experience and hope you will like it. Constructive feedback is greatly appreciated. The full game will be released as freeware and have nine unique levels. //The GamePhase Team www.gamephase.net
  7. Here's a taste of the epic soundtrack for Vindicator:Uprising. Enjoy! In the meantime, we're working hard on a playable demo for you guys.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKQUSPAaMMI   www.gamephase.net
  8. Here is the first trailer for our upcoming game Vindicator: Uprising, which will be released for various formats. The game has been nine months in production but is far from finished. We still hope that this trailer will give you an idea of what the game is aboutand that you will like what we have done so far. Your feedback is appreciated.   Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MVGj83YjD4   For more info visit www.gamephase.net   - The GamePhase Team -
  9. Hey guys, If you haven't checked it out already, please take a look at Matt Bartons channel "Matt Chat", featuring Reviews, Interviews and Indie Issues at: http://youtu.be/8RyhA9iK9f4