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  1. zepelin

    Introduction to Octrees

    Very interesting article, thanks for the explanations!   However, the code would need to be reviewed a little bit, with blocks of codes being put in separate methods, GetIntersection being coded once for all as generic for any kind of intersection checks (with common logic of type check and children intersection tests) - except maybe for the last one (list of objects), where you could also avoid to use a separate tmp list of Physical, and just keep the index of the last object to treat in m_objects instead.
  2. zepelin

    Math for Game Developers: Intro to Vectors

    Fantastic videos, many thanks! :)
  3. zepelin

    Is there any OpenGL Certification

    I found one on the web, but it's not a certification delivered by SGI or any related company... http://www.expertrating.com/certifications/OpenGL-Programming-Test.asp
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