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  1. rionSk

    Best book to get me started with 3D

    I do not think you necessarily need a book. Everything is on the web and often with attached source codes and examples.
  2. rionSk

    Best Programming Language For a Beat'em Up Game

    XNA is just fine for this. I mean better than coding your own framework from scratch. You'll have to code everything by yourself. So be prepared, because it's not an easy thing. But choose language and learn how to program first.
  3. rionSk

    How to start off in gaming

    I think you should do the audio. There's not many people who do that and they're always wanted. But if you still want to start programming then, choose your programming language. Read some articles or find some tutorials. The basics, just the basics. Then you can go deeper and introduce yourself into game programming.
  4. rionSk

    Engine or API?

    I don't think so. As a game programmer you have to have some knowledge how the game works and you have to create your own stuff. So if you want to be a professional game programmer, you should start learning some programming language (you choose).
  5. rionSk

    Talk to me about java in gaming

    Yep, there's no console using java as programming language because of JVM. It would require huge amount of money to update JVM for consoles and big game companies will not invest in this. They rather make game in C or C++.. I personally think Win/Linux/Mac has enough users, gamers, who will play your game. So if you want to create games for consoles Java is not the solution and you should look for another programming language.
  6. rionSk

    Game Maker, Unity, or Blender?

    Well, Game Maker is good mostly only for 2d games. 3d are also possible but GM limits you in so many ways. If I were you I'd try Game Maker first. Try some coding and you'll see if you want to do programming which is more advanced.
  7. As ordinary student I try to not spend money on stuff like that and I almost always choose the way which is free. But of course, there always will be people who will spend money on these things.
  8. Time to make up idea for some simple game
  9. Finally in train.. Going home
  10. Finally twitter background that I really like :)
  11. I discovered how to debug real time just now. That's really useful :)
  12. Seems I found a way how make simple shadows in #Java 2d :)
  13. I liked a @YouTube video Minecraft Launch with Notch - IGN MineCon Live!
  14. Photo: My first attempt to paint something in Photoshop
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