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  1. Is there anyone currently making any top down Rpg games? i love those games. Id try to help in any way
  2. Pokemon Clones?

    editing the game files? that sounds kinda cool.
  3. Pokemon Clones?

    Very true that thought has come to mind as i was posting the first post.
  4. Pokemon Clones?

    Are there Any Pokemon clones? Like a remake of fire red or leaf green or whatever? Would be pretty cool to play an updated version or one thats just like it but with differant story line and maybe not pokemon. Probably would be great for a beginner project so i hope im giving people ideas.
  5. old school game Clones?

    Any of them really? i know there is a freeciv and freecol. And whatever is on this list > http://osgameclones.com/ Just very interesting
  6. old school game Clones?

    Whos making these open source clones of old school games?
  7. Elder Scrolls type lore

    Also what about coming up with words? like names or country names or even days of the week or month? how would you go about with that and not make it sound really stupid?
  8. Elder Scrolls type lore

    Maybe a map and a timeline? Any good tips or ideas for helping me get started?
  9. Elder Scrolls type lore

    Well i know it wont happen over five minutes i just am wondering where i should begin because thats kinda hard to figure out? Should i start with a timeline? or what?
  10. I wanna write something sort of like how the developers at bethesda did. I keep finding myself fascinated with how much they have wrote just for the lore and am wondering what can i do to start something like this? what would i have to do ? how far would i have to go? any help or ideas would be helpful!
  11. I am looking to help in a group more noobish to game making something to just get out their and satisfy myself. i am no programmer but i can do some art and audio.
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