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  1. How about... line 1: programme till 5am (drunk) line 2: decide to remove all the junk from your system line 3: empty recycle bin line 4: defrag hard disk line 5: GOTO 1 Life sucks
  2. Hi How on earth can I have a nebula and dust planes in a galaxy in a space sim, which you can... 1) see from any angle 2) fly through 3) will obscure background objects The nebulas are probably the easier of the two - galactic dust planes... well I haven't really got a clue! I don't think I need to go into any more detail! Any ideas are very much appreciated. Thanks all
  3. dumb question... i want to create a bitmap in memory, write some text on it, then upload it to opengl. can anyone tell me how to do this? many thanks! mark PS - i'm using windows
  4. Hi Does anyone know of any GOOD resources (preferably with working code) to read a quake (3?) .map file, and produce a list of triangles ready to render. I know there is a load of stuff out there, but I have to get the tri list as quickly as possible, and I really don't have the time to write the code myself. Please don't link me to google!!! This is a work related problem, which needs sorting ASAP! Many thanks
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