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  1. Download my free album and Wallpapers here! http://t.co/3a1PXJiM
  2. Wow, the Insidious soundtrack is rather annoying... I mean, I get that it's suppose to be frightening, but geez.
  3. "That's how you reshape destiny" - Poets of the Fall
  4. Walter Day likes my Album!!!!!! OH yea!!!!!! Oh Yea!!!!!
  5. Question for all my awesome fans! Which song is your favorite on the RTEV1 Album? Mine is "The Ride Into Battle" (track 7).
  6. My Mom's Favorite songs from my album are track 6 (TMNT) and 8 (Sonic). I just think that's awesome! ^_^
  7. Start your very own RTEV1 Weview Show!!! http://t.co/Jpt6olzp
  8. For those of you who don't know what songs this album will consist of, here's the track listing, In no particular... http://t.co/0wOKZOlS
  9. For those who don't know. I officially have a youtube page dedicated to the album! Search for reginaldlseayjr and subscribe!
  10. Recapturing the Essence Vol. 1 Promo video now up!!! http://t.co/XMm9ZKel
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