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  1. Not sure, but it was the first thing that came to mind. The way I would do it is every frame, get the camera to get the Transform component of the Entity it is attached to, and then, before you draw anything, push a Transform onto the stack, translate everything to that Transform location, THEN draw your stage, pop the Transform, and then draw your GUI or what have you.
  2. If you are using component-entity architecture (not sure if you are since you didn't specify), you could just create a CameraComponent and attach it to any entity with a Transform (x, y, scale) component. This allows you to attach the camera to any entity.
  3. so my singing teacher wants me to cover crown the empire i am ok with this
  4. We're young and in love, heart attacks waiting to happen.
  5. stop trying to fly llama, you are a llama, llamas can't fly
  6. People on the train need to learn wtf personal space is >_> So I sit down on the train home from Cardiff, only to have a woman (and her two ~5 year old children) surround me (I was sat in a 4 seater, and there was plenty of room). I was boxed in by the window. This woman then proceeded to feed her children ("Do you want an apple? some chocolate harry?"), and allowed them to throw crap at me etc. All the while the woman didn't even sorry when I left. Oh, and I had to get off a stop before he...
  7. "Depression is a weak persons disease" LOL no go fornicate with a spoon
  8. This competition for the most beautiful teenager thing just makes me feel like shit, lol.
  9. 5 farking hours until GW2 asdhafasdasdasdafgggjhklasld asdffghjkl. good bye outdoors
  10. Use of Signals for card game

    I'd just recommend a plain old consumer-producer model - but I use that pretty much everywhere c:
  11. Action on MouseClicked vs MouseReleased

    Definitely MouseReleased. ><
  12. Game Engine or not?

    OK so, IGNORING XNA since it doesn't want to work for me, can someone give me a display solution that could render both 2d *AND* 3d graphics (obviously not at the same time) on demand for C#/.NET? Thanks. :3 I was thinking DirectX and passing in a Gtk# Handle to a DrawingArea.
  13. From the place that I was to the man I've become I'll be there to see the tower you'll fall from No this kingdom isn't quite what it may seem You're an illusion, you'll never be king