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  1. Could you write here where the TextField instance it's created, and his scope?
  2. C++ do while error

    You have close the PWinner function and after you have puts some other instruction. That's the error.
  3. c# game

    Did you tried Unity? Its a game engine and you can use C#.
  4. SFML - Can't even compile tutorial code

    It seems that the compiler doesn't find the function, are you sure that you are linking the SFML libraries properly?
  5. Learning C++ 11

    4th edition.     Yes, of course, i bought it in May and i'm very satisfied....
  6. Learning C++ 11

    If you are not a beginner of the programming in general, i can suggest the one made by the creator of c++: c++Book. I've started with that. 
  7. SFML 2.1

    I'm using them to make a project cross-platform for fun, having no problem on my mac and on my win system.