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  1. In the games industry, what is the difference between a technical lead and a project manager in terms of: - work description - difficulty to find a job - salary
  2. [quote name='Joshimitsu91' timestamp='1322929125' post='4890157'] I have also been looking at the course at Sheffield Hallam and Hull, although it is unlikely i will be able to live away without a student loan! I'm seriously considering the course at Sheffield Hallam as i live nearby and the course itself looks very good. I've also contacted the course leader and from what we have discussed, it seems to cover a decent range of game development aspects. Apparently the course starts with an intensive C++ programming course to get everyone up to speed, although you need to have some basic programming experience (e.g. the basics + object orientated programming). I'm guessing your degree will have prepared you well for that. By the way, i'm also doing a degree in Physics so i'm interested to see what advice people give you! Josh. [/quote] Hey Josh, thanks for your reply. Has he told you anything else apart from the C++ course? Where did you find the contact details?
  3. [quote name='wildboar' timestamp='1322337690' post='4887954'] You are right there is only a small different between those 2 courses, there is fewer people on the graphics programming course. The graphics course has a scientific visualization elements to it, and some things like radiosity. I am really happy on the games programming course as it balances graphics programming with game programming. [/quote] Do you know if it is possible to change from games to graphics or vice versa after a few weeks/ 1st term? [quote name='wildboar' timestamp='1322337690' post='4887954'] I chose Hull because it is highly recognized in the games industry as a course which prepares their students well for the job. A lot of my friends graduated from Hull and were offered jobs straight away. [/quote] Good to hear that many students got jobs straightaway. Do you know if there is the possibility to do an internship / placement year as part of the course? [quote name='wildboar' timestamp='1322337690' post='4887954'] Also our C++ teacher is amazing, he manages to make lectures fun, interactive and always teaches us to code with efficiency (branch prediction, cache alignment, assembly) [/quote] That sounds really great to me! A few more questions: [list][*]Could you give me an overview of the areas they teach? The information on the website is one thing, but it would be nice to hear it directly from a current student. How deep do they go into topics - is it more of a general overview or a few selected topics in depth?[*]Also, how is the balance PC/Console development, and do they also do mobile development (Droid/iOS)?[*]Do they teach physics as applied to games (I've heard one of the staff is a physicist...)?[*]How is the level of maths, do they waste much time on re-teaching high-school maths...?[/list]Many thanks again for your help.
  4. [quote name='wildboar' timestamp='1322318421' post='4887886'] I would recommend Hull. I am studying that course there now and it has great connection with the industry and the course material is very modern, We are covering things like C++11, shaders, advanced game engine implementation/design, network, AI + many more. Its definitely not a 'joke' course, it has a pretty steep learning curve and lots of work has to be done. [/quote] Thank you for your answer. Do you have any details about the differences between [url="http://www2.hull.ac.uk/science/computer-science/prospective-students/taught-masters/msc-graphics-programming.aspx"]MSc Computer Graphics Programming[/url] and [url="http://www2.hull.ac.uk/science/computer-science/prospective-students/taught-masters/msc-games-programming.aspx"]MSc Games Programming[/url] at Hull? From the website it seems like the only difference is one module (and the project). Can I ask why you have decided to study at Hull at not at one of the other schools?
  5. What [i]MSc. courses[/i] in the [i]UK[/i] are recommended for learning [i]serious[/i] game programming/development? I am currently in the final year of my undergraduate degree (Physics and Computer Science) and I am looking to start an MSc in the UK in 2012. So far I have found the following three [i]Skillset-accredited[/i] courses: [list][*][url="http://www.shu.ac.uk/prospectus/course/131/"]Sheffield - MSc Games Software Development[/url][/list][list][*][url="http://www2.hull.ac.uk/science/computer-science/prospective-students/taught-masters/msc-games-programming.aspx"]Hull - MSc in Games Programming[/url][/list][list][*][url="http://www.abertay.ac.uk/studying/find/pg/cgt/"]Abertay - Computer Games Technology[/url][/list]It would be much appreciated if anyone with experience in this area could help to compare and contrast these courses; maybe one of you has attended any of these universities or maybe even did one of these degrees? Are there any other courses that are recommended / Should I also consider courses that are not Skillset-accredited (e.g. De Montfort University) Many thanks for you help, Ben