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  1. Started happening this morning - constant ad block spam even though I have a subscription !
  2. Not the fisrt time this person has said some ... interesting ... things on social media. If anyone wants to do some reading about this "YouTube Star" ... [LINK] [LINK]
  3. . Looking at the latest labor reports, the labor pool ( and government manipulation doesn't help) in the "developed" world are going down, making the "unemployment rate" an unreliable metric to determine the percentage that is actually working, or who want to work. In the meantime, cost-of-living is going through the roof. Apparently "better living conditions" is being homeless ?
  4. . Could you please list all these "new jobs" that can sustain over 7,400,000,000 ( 7.4 billion ) humans? ( roughly 5,000,000,000 [ 5 billion ] workers ) Last year 131,000,000 ( 131 million ) new humans were made. It seems like thousands of "old jobs" are being replaced with a handful of new jobs ... AKA "diminishing labor returns" .
  5. . There are engineering programs that already design entire buildings ( including all electrical and piping systems ), landscape, electrical circuits, and much more.  Heck, chances are you have read a bot written news article sometime in the last week, maybe even seen bot made art, or even listened to bot made music !   Edit: apparently there are quite a few self programming bots that exist now-a-days.
  6. . So small businesses are not allowed than? Only large government regulated and controlled companies? Or are we getting into the territory of government paying companies to stay in business?    Every time this point is brought up, folks want to exclude "small local business" from high taxes, wage costs, and regulation, while at the same time punishing large companies for existing.  Doesn't that defeat the the purpose of "living wage theory" if you don't treat all companies equally in regard to employee pay, benefits and regulation?
  7. . You are making a bold assumption that a company can afford to do that. Since every one likes to pick on McDonald's .... they employ 420,000 people. If they game everyone a $2 raise, that would equate to $1,260,000,000 in extra expenses every year. Now let's throw in 'cheap' health care for another $1,890,000,000  . If every one who worked McDonald's made $15 an hour that would be about $4,410,000,000 in extra expenses ( $9,450,000,000 for total employee wages ).   ( I am assuming a 30 hour work week to get these numbers )    
  8. Yeah, but in which one of those were the citizens happier, on average   . Records show "happy people" and "sad people" on both sides of the ideological divide.  The elite class on both sides always come out on top, while the rest of the country eventually suffers. I can point to the Chinese experiment from over 1,000 years ago - were every one received food and shelter from the government. They were very happy at first, until everyone eventually stopped working and the country fell into chaos [*1].  I can also point to Rome during hundreds of years of prosperity for all it's citizen. Everyone was happy until a couple bad Caesars ruined everything. Of course you can also point to historical situations were the people were severely repressed ... the Soviet States, many Middle Ages monarchies e.t.c.   *1 - If I remember correctly this experimental period lasted about 65 years - I'll have to look it up again to be sure.
  9. The term "starving artist" has real meaning behind it.  Do you seriously believe most folks can make a living with "art" ?! (( In the US, roughly 98% of art students are unable to find art related jobs ))
  10. My $0.02 ... Not a single communist/socialistic/marxist/'some other name'  has ever lasted very long.  Historically, dictatorship/monarchies/'divine right' are the longest lasting continuous governments in the world.
  11. .  That site's numbers are not matching what I am finding with job postings ... maybe they are pulling figures from high paying areas, or 'future projected pay' statistics  ?  I spent more time rummaging around many different employment websites ... the newest 120 listings for "entry level" came back under $48,000 .   Could you post a real job listing for "entry level programmer" at $72,000? I am unable to find anything legitimate.
  12. I searched around a while on job sites ... The range for "entry level" jobs pays $35,000 - $50,000 . Experienced ( 5+ years ) .... $60,000 - $85,000 . Management positions $95,000 - $140,000 .   All this depends on where you live, and are willing to travel.  India is hiring for $400 - $1,200 a month !  
  13. As a veteran in a management position, yes .  As an average "code monkey" , not even close.
  14. In the United States, you have to actually be convicted of a crime to be legally punished ... Why exactly do so many folks believe certain individuals should be imprisoned / executed without legal trial ?  If the DOJ or Internal Affairs is too lazy to go after someone 40 years ago, why now? It's kind of like Germany going after a Nazi telegraph operator who is now in her 90's !
  15. This 'course' is based on 7+ year old material ...