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  1. In retrospect I suppose a finite signal/slot approach would be better to reduce the minimal amount of look-up overhead because nobody ever needs infinitely many unique events. Notice how mine is essentially an infinite version with the map. As for the type safety concern, it is primarily the user creating all the different events and data structures related to that event, so if the user doesn't know what data type to use then it would be his error. However, there is the off chance that the user may accidentally connect a listener not designed for that specific event, which would definitely cause an error if the expected struct was smaller than expected. The details of CEventManager are entirely up to the user and I was setting up a quick test for myself, so I became a bit careless. On second thought, I will probably update this with a signal/slot approach in the near future because: (1) Nobody needs infinite events (2) I can ensure type safety and infinite arguments with structs and templates (3) There is no need for live pointers to be passed around
  2. incertia

    Practical Guide to Bezier Curves

    Forward differencing is otherwise known as finite differences in the math world.
  3. incertia

    C++11 Lesson Two: Variables!

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