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  1. X-Shift Looking for Support

    Those look suburb!
  2. Deep Space Settlement (RTS)

    Looks great! Hope on seeing more! btw, do you have a skype?
  3. You should probably install a forum for the website; talk to me on my skype: Tronic.young
  4. New Screenshots of My Yet Unnamed Game

    I have some questions about this awesome looking game, do you have skype?
  5. The Galactic Asteroids Patrol

    Wow, game looks superb!
  6. Tavern Of Heroes : Alpha development

    wow, looks interesting.
  7. Real time strategy game

    This game is suburb!!! What is you're skype? I'd really much would like to contact you!
  8. *Unnamed* - 2D Platform Shooter

    Do you guys have skype? If so add me, ive been waiting for someone to make a game like this! tronic.young
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