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    Games: Wheres the fun in that?

    That is not generally practical- no game developer for any decent number of player could make something just for each player to have if there a lot of other game material. Maybe a combination matrix might be possible add 1 of 10 feature set A repeat with many sets and the result is "unique". 
  2. Such automation would be best for the minor stuff such as crafting and below current standard items- I only want 30 steel so I want drop anymore that I pick up and collect all the wood I can. I have the grade 2 boot and sure grade 1 boot is worth a tiny amount of money I'd rather save that space for gems so don't pick up more grade 1 boots.    I love Castaway 1 and 2 but the auto pickup of junk is a pain. 
  3. All games with significant inventory management- rpgs, survival etc- never seem to have automation tool for the player to use beyond autopick-up, hotkeys, categories with sort. Automation tools are optional for the player  but could include pickup and equip equipment that is just plain better, don't pick-up certain types of materials (due to its weight or slot-filling), put some equipment together as set and allow you swap all at onces- the options are vast and depend on the inventory's and game's nature as what is appropriate. Are there games with automatic (player chosen) inventory management tools not mentioned before? Why do so few have significant ones?   
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