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  1. HI all, i start with my friend a repository public project to BitBucket   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqki-QIyEH4
  2. Test the Octree traversal raytracing math found here : http://iason.fav.zcu.cz/WSCG2000/Papers_2000/X31.pdf Understanding how work was a little difficult but after using also Excel i finally create a workable viewer :)   [SPOILER]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDwOMTYsKWc[/SPOILER]
  3. added a simple 2D editor for uv map, i'm trying to use System.Drawing methods but i'm not sure is the best way... to improve the drawing i use different Layer's class [spoiler] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvMvJJp4Da4 [/spoiler]
  4. thanks, but be carefull with my code, i'm not expert programmer so the code can be bad write. If someone what correct it are welcomed. Now i'm starting learning VertexShader and PixelShader because is an existential code to improve rendering performance and simplicity (example solidwireframe case), so after i can continue to learn now create a simple renderer engine for a basic 3dtool. My goal is building a very basic 3d editor because will be an exential way for my game's modding job PS1: from http://www.vincedx.altervista.org i correct the swapchain class. PS2: in the instancing example i test 1000000 of instance but i have a good graphic card... before testing reduce this value
  5. Hi, recently i test a simple GUI for the editor projects, i test the swapchain function but i find a little issue:   When viewportpanel resize i must recreate the swapchain, resizing it work but the box displayed are grainy, but aspect ratio is correct and project matrix are updated....   source code   video
  6. OpenGL

    Hi, exactly today i start to write a exporter script for 3dsmax and for a c# editor and i have some issues translating matrices between different coordinates system .
  7. Hi, I start this project exactly because I encounters many issue with 3dstudio: 1 After 3milion vertices are very slow 2 I can emulate game mecanism 3 maxscript for big code will slow a lot. I also tried with max sdk to make plugings but you need: 1 different version of visual.studio 2 different sdk for each version 3 compile for each 3dsmax version and for each 32 and 64 4 there aren't a true benefit, also with sdk there are a lot of limitation in the 3d scene. If you want see my script go to twcenter forum, I'm working a lot with file conversion for game modding, but all with pure maxscript code to ensure compatibility for all version. PS: now I make a test to animate the objects and seam nice... but I'm newbie so don't try to learn DirectX with this project :]
  8. ok, 12 downloading but no replies ? no one are interested ?
  9. Hi all, i searched a lot in internet but i didn't found a simple and basic engine to draw a big 3d scene (usually more than 3 million vertices). The goal is to build a simple 3d editor with some basic toolw. The objects creation will be made by some 3d tools (Blender , 3d max , ecc...) then importing it into this editor. Why create a similar 3d editor ? with a c# source code you can add custom features don't used by other 3d editor and specify for a game mechanism.   So i build a simple scene manager to draw fast more than 8 million vertices with batch method, a simple picking method, a fix FPS function, all these to improve the performance of rendering instead used the same examples found in internet (Mesh class or Draw too many time)   I share this code and i hope that someone help me if are interested. :)   http://code.google.com/p/3d-directx-csharp-editor/downloads/list   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qaw_SpHY4w
  10. Hi [b]Firefly08[/b], i see your 3d editor and is exactly my goal. I'm working in the game modding and untill now i create only tool with Python and 3dstudio script for Total War games. Unfortunately 3dstudio is too slow when i want manage city with 1-2 milion vertices and i can't add some special 3d objects representations that can not be made such as primitive geometry (spline mesh ecc...). So i decided to start with dotnet script but too hard work with 3dstudio plugin.... Working with C# is much faster and i can write better some algorithm (Octree , Best Bounding Box, ecc...) A few months ago I started understand Directx but i see that XNA is better...so my goal now is create a 3d editor to manage and edit the city file of this game, not edit mesh and geometry because to do this i simply use 3dstudio. If you are interested to help me to create an game tool let me know. Thanks anyway.
  11. ok, I'm sorry if I said something illegal, however I just wanted to understand what files it's, then I'll do the rest alone.
  12. obviously i can't buy the license if i donwload it by torrent.....
  13. but i find some interesting things: with http://www.dependencywalker.com/ i found all granny2.dll function with http://s3pi-wrappers.googlecode.com/svn/!svn/bc/66/trunk/RigResource/Granny2 i find some example to build a 3dstudio plugin. I recently understand now build 3dstudio plugin, i added the Lzo.dll compression algorithm into max found here http://lzo-net.sourceforge.net/ , but in this case there are a documentation to understand that functions i must call. I also found the "RAD Game Tools 1.6 and Granny 3D SDK - Bink SDK - Miles SDK" torrent. But now ? i want help to understand if this way is correct, for other game some users have used the graddy2.dll to import/export their model (example: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/16371-tutorial-importing-and-exporting-gr2-models/ ; http://social.bioware.com/forum/Neverwinter-Nights-2/NwN-2-Tools-and-Plugin-Developers/NWN2-Datafile-Accessor-Library-3116521-1.html) <h1 class="vertitle"></h1>
  14. I need help to understand if these file in attachments can be a granny animation data. I found this string at the end of each .anim file : "....3D Studio MAX Granny Standard Exporter, SDK version" i know how use the dll for 3dstudio plugin and i already made a little plugin written in c#, i found this site to understand how use granny2.dll [url="http://s3pi-wrappers.googlecode.com/svn/%21svn/bc/66/trunk/RigResource/Granny2"]http://s3pi-wrappers.googlecode.com/svn ... ce/Granny2[/url] Someone help me to understand what file it is ?I certainly know that other data : 3D model, textures, etc ... are present in other files whose format is known.