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  1. err saying hello not welcoming me:)
  2. Thank you morfiction for welcoming me, I actually did send you a invite to join the team awhile ago...but it looks like you have your own project going
  3. It all boils down to a fight for survival/dominance.
  4. Hi Folks, I am here today to talk to you about my project: Death Never Accepts. The premise: In a world where people have given up the physical way of computing/using the internet via a cerebral implant. Rayzene is the forefront of such technology including mini medical drones that allow non-invasive surgeries,cloning of a human being as well as the number one holder of military contracts. Rayzene's lead spokesmen Kyle Draxtin ran and won presidency over the country due to public outcry. Within a year of Kyle's presidency he has struck deals with heads of different countries and the world has been living in a peaceful state. However, two years after a biological virus was released via the implants. The result of the virus causes the unsuspected victims water in there body to dry up and they become simply a shell. Kyle Draxtin declares that the firewalls were compromised by a rebel faction. a week rolls by and kyle finally announces that there security has been reinforced and the internet goes live once more, people go back to normality. A year rolls by and Rayzene shut themselves off from the public, Kyle hasn't been seen...news reports flood in about weird abductions. Today massive earthquakes hit everywhere, weird creatures come from the sky and the ground...Today is the day to survive or submit. Mankind: During the development of the Rayzene experiments, there is a underground group that knew what was going on. They would aggressively break into the internet and try to make civilization aware, however like most conspiracy groups..no one believed them. On the night of the great attack, they became the defense force and salvation of civilians who make it to there camps scattered around the globe. they are joined by "the hive" Vampyre: During Rayzene exploration the Vampyre became unshadowed from the world of civility they had built for themselves. Before they became a target for rayzene, the vampyre only hunted for food and nothing more. They chose to stay away from civilization and build there own among themselves. The "mother" of the large sect of vampyres strike a deal with rayzene, she will allow them to "enhance" her sect and in return they will fight for them. Rayzene: Headed by a young scientist, rayzene became the major forefront of military technology before breaking into the public sector with there cerebral implant. The world people live in today is fueled by almost everything being internet based. Now the cerebral implant allows the consumer to think of anything and the internet will be streamed into the brain. Behind closed doors however, rayzene houses a cult in which there belief is to create a perfect species of obedience and loyalty. Unfortunately mankind is not that. The Hive: While rayzene was experimenting with biological viruses to be distributed via the internet, they developed one inparticular virus that would allow Rayzene to no longer hunt subjects physically for there experiments..they would come to Rayzene. This virus began to develop its own mind, rayzene found out and was about to terminate the program, when it hopped into a cerebral implant of a young female test subject and escaped there clutches. It stumbled upon mankind and offered them advanced knowledge in return for there "deceased" bodies and a home. The hive can individualise it's program per cerebral implant and hunger for technological advancements on there host body. The world: Rayzenes forces are unleashed and terraforming there new regions into habitations. You can follow us on facebook at: [url="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Death-never-accepts/403869739669381"]https://www.facebook...403869739669381[/url] or post on our forums at: deathneveraccepts.com our website currently is looking like a deserted wasteland but expect more in the weeks to come
  5. good job on the gui..however the models are hero engine, same with all the particles being used by the player character.