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  1. #obola Wake up and small the Tyranny! http://t.co/b3MTMPgLcr
  2. JUST SAY NO! TO OBOLA! #OBOLA #TYRANNYISTHEDISEASE Radical Heroes fights Obola and the globalist pigs! https://t.co/gnDysrFq8u
  3. Thank you! It takes a lot of work and dedication and we appreciate your enthusiasm!    Moses Mad Unicorn Games
  4. THAT'S RIGHT! The wait is almost over! On October 15, 2014 Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis Alpha version 1.05 releases! It's been 4 months since 1.04B hit the scene and the new 1.05 brings a hefty amount of changes to Radical Heroes. The gameplay has been greatly improved, new stage system and oh yea Co-Op! Enemies now have the same advantages as the player; super moves, weapons and level items... yep they have access to all of them. Making combat encounters interesting and unique. There are many new items and characters to unlock and find. New shops and new locations just to name a little of what is in store for those who have been waiting for Version 1.05. The world in Radical Heroes has been greatly expanded. Broken into ten stages, Radical Heroes Alpha 1.05 will introduce a new stage system where each stage is an expansive mini world! Radical Heroes Alpha 1.05 will feature two full playable stages "Crimsonville" and " Grave Danger " in 1.05 to start, with others releasing in future updates. The two included stages combined are bigger than the entire 1.04B world. Each stage is segmented by checkpoints that require a key card to pass. By collecting all of the needed key cards and defeating the stage boss, stages are completed. Once completed, a stage may be revisited to search for secrets, hidden objects or co-op with friend! Above is a snap shot of a stage select and below is the start menu. Much work has went in to the overall experience. One focus point was the user interface. We have tried to improve the overall GUI quality and functionality. There is now an options menu with controller support, key mapping, visual quality settings and other essentials. A multiplayer menu that makes directly connecting to your friends for some multiplayer fun quick and easy! Remember this is still an alpha so you may from time to time encounter a bug or two, just know we are always working to improve Radical Heroes for you, our fans! Like the user interface, the in-game hud has went through a few changes as well. The image below will give you a full breakdown of all the new hud features and what they do for you. 1. This is your current health (hearts) and cash level. At a glance you know right where you stand. 2. Top center of the screen is your time read out. It displays the amount of time you have played. 3. In the top right you will receive a short description of action taking place in real time. An example; when you pick up an item like a street chicken, it will display a message like "+3 Health". 4. At the bottom center of the screen you will find an experience bar. The more butts you kick the more experience you earn. Once the bar is full you receive an experience point which can be spent on one of three attributes, speed, strength or defense. 5. This is your map boy. It gives you a quick reference of your surroundings. Pressing "M" will bring up a full screen, real time read out of your area. See image below. There is much, much more but we don't want to spoil all the surprises ahead! We are working on a new gameplay video for you to feast your eyes on. We thank all those who support Radical Heroes and in turn our dream. We encourage those who have been holding out to take the plunge and get Radical Heroes. The price is at $3.99 USD but on Oct 15th it will increase to $9.99 USD. We have decided to increase the price for the simple fact that the resources that we cannot produce ourselves, like sound and music, cost money. With a price increase, we will be able to afford quality resources that only make Radical Heroes even better. If you already have a copy of 1.04B, no worries, on Oct 15th your current Alpha will update to 1.05 and you are all set! We wish all of you the best and a big thank you from us here at MAD UNICORN GAMES. GET IN ON THE RADICAL HEROES ALPHA BELOW.