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  1. xujiezhige

    Paste a new picture to mesh

    Thank you, kauna.As you say, I have to recalculate the texture coordinates for the model, such as the wall. Is it right?By the way, do you have some simple sample or demo for me to learn? You know i can't work it out just with your reply. Thank you.
  2. xujiezhige

    Paste a new picture to mesh

    I just want to implement it by only using DirectX. Any more information for me? Is it that I have to find the the correct texture coordinates where the user-defined picture should resides in the corresponding texture, and then modulate the two texture to final texture for the mesh?
  3. Hi, guys! I want to make the effect, just like pasting a user-defined picture to the wall or any other place in counter strike 1.5. How could do this?
  4. xujiezhige

    Real-time collision

    I will try it.
  5. xujiezhige

    Real-time collision

    I am busy in building the scene and other simple effect, so i have almost forget this . My meaning is that, supposing, i get a stair model, through it the character can walk up to another floor. So how can i do the collision between stair and character? Is it that I get all triangles from the stair model and then use each of them to do collision ?
  6. xujiezhige

    Real-time collision

    I want to implement it all by myself. So i think i need to get some information from some open source. Any advice for the learning?
  7. Hi, guys! I export building mesh using Panda DirectX, and the building mesh is right. But i export a wall plane with it, the wall shows a wrong orientation. Do you have any advice? I have set the plug with lefthand. I use 3ds max 2010.
  8. xujiezhige

    Real-time collision

    Thank you, [color="#284b72"]Bacterius and [color="#284b72"]Krohm. So, what i need to do is getting all triangles from all meshes in the scene, and test collision between the character and the triangles, is it right? Is there any simple sample for me to learn it ?
  9. HI, guys! I have model a scene like the map-"assault" in counter-strike 1.5. Now, i need to do collision test, but it seems very difficult because of the complexity of the scene. How could I do a real-time collision in the demo? Do i have to turn to game engine? or, do you have any advice for me?
  10. Hi, guys! I want to make a simple demo like Counter-Strike. But i need models like terrian and roles in the game. How could i get them? And do you have any suggest of developping the demo?
  11. Greeting, guys! I want to finish a small-scale FPS game. So i want to know what cull algorithm can i use? Additionaly, can you share your experiences with me ?
  12. I think there may be something wrong at other places. Additionally,I find D3DFVF_SPECULAR is DWORD, but i haven' never used.
  13. How about using float in the struct and then cast to int in shader if you don't care the speed hit?
  14. Yes, the mesh is loaded from x file. Why doesn't the mesh loaded from x file need to SetVertexDeclaration? Does the ID3DXMesh interface contain the vertex declaration stored in x file and set it in DrawSubset()?
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