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  1. Starting with game development

    [quote name='miicchhii' timestamp='1342786847' post='4961288'] You should probably start on simple 2D games to get behind the logics, and then go on to 3D when you know how the logic works. [/quote] Anything more specific? Where should I start with 2D games?
  2. Hello there, I'd like to start diving into game development. I already have experience with languages such as C, C#, Delphi, VB, Python, Java, but I mostly work on business apps, which is what I also do for a living. I have no experience in 3d modeling or any graphics part of games, really. Some time ago I started looking for suitable game engines/SDKs for me to work with and start the game from "scratch" (apart from the engine part of course). I tried Unity, UDK and Esenthel but I realized that I should first try to do something smaller, eg. do a mod for a game, to get the feeling on how games work and the general flow of them. So I started looking for games that are relatively easy to mod, have good SDKs and good tutorials/documentation. I stumbled upon Source SDK (Half Life 2). Would Source SDK be a good place to start? How much freedom does Source SDK allow, can I only tinker a bit with the already done games (like only changing the models or weapon stats) or would I be able to make my own, small, Half-Life 2 -like game with my own mechanics and features in time? Any general tips or your own recommendations on how to start? Any reply is welcome, Thanks
  3. New to game development

    [quote name='crazyfingers' timestamp='1323256320' post='4891410'] I really hope you take this advice. Start with the starcraft 2 galaxy editor. I'm serious. It sounds like you know programming, what you don't know is how to make fun gameplay systems and the general flow of game design. Working with a fully robust game like starcraft will give you all the art assets you need and the game is already 2d isometric. You also have multiplayer right out of the gate (up to 8 players), you just gotta ask a few buddies to hop on to test your designs. I know it's easy to have pie in the sky dream when you start, but thinking your going to make the next MMO with your first game as has been said countless times, isn't a very tangible goal. Set a more obtainable one, make a popular map for starcraft 2 as you gain in experience with making games. I'm personally coming from the opposite direction. I never programmed but i did tons of modwork using kismet in the UDK and the galaxy editor with starcraft 2. I'm only a couple weeks into programming but all the game design knowledge i took from working with those editors is a godsend. I was easily able to quickly prototype things with easy to use triggers and premade units and gameplay to really learn game design. It's really empowered me as i pick up C#. Even my quirky little first attempts at a game in unity are sorta fun because i've learned how to deal with complications and make the most out of unforseen limitations and I also know that you can get lots of fun out of incredibly simple gameplay systems if you do them right. I guess what i'm trying to say is you can learn a hell of a lot by just having fun playing with a relatively casual game engine and learn things about general game design in a short period of time that would take long periods of iteration in straight code. Edit: The community for modding starcraft 2 is fairly healthy and will likely explode again with the release of the next expansion if you're interested: [url=""][/url] [/quote] I understand what you're trying to say. It's also true that I know little of game designs and general game design flow as you call it. That being said, I have both UDK and Unity installed, I have only done some map editing in UDK I believe and started watching Unity tutorials. I guess picking up Unity again would help me dive into game designs then? Perhaps I should try making a simple Unity game first? Or perhaps even a mod for another game? I know MMO sounds far fetched and I'm realizing that simply coding skills will not get me far. Thanks a lot for your advice.
  4. New to game development

    [quote name='crancran' timestamp='1323191212' post='4891133'] What exactly are you looking for regarding an "engine" ? Are you more aptly looking for something to handle the rendering aspects of the game task? [/quote] I'm looking for an engine that already has: - 2d isometric graphics support - online support - main functions like mouse/keyboard event handling, character movement - perhaps even a map editor (since I'm not good at graphics) I found FIFE (, but it doesn't have online supported. I'm just asking if there is more such engines (preferably with online/mmo support), because I can't find any..
  5. New to game development

    Shameless bump, still looking for a good engine that will help me with my cause
  6. New to game development

    [quote name='MirageUY' timestamp='1322884410' post='4890025'] If you want to do 2d XNA is very good too, and is for c#. [/quote] Thanks for the answer. I tried Eclipse a bit, but I was disappointed. Seems like it's actually made for people who have no knowledge in coding and it's options seemed limited. What I'm actually looking for is an engine that supports online and possibly 2d/isometric graphics, possibly even makes it easier to build a sandbox game. I found FIFE ([url=""]http://en.wikipedia....ric_Free_Engine[/url]), would this do the job well? Or would I have problems with the online part?
  7. New to game development

    Hello forums, my first post/topic. I have finally decided to start working on my own game. I'm working for over a year as a software developer (we're working on Business Intelligence software), so I'm not completely new to programing. I've already worked with Python, Java, C, C#, Visual Basic, Delphi, SQL, ... My dream has however always been making games, since I enjoy playing them very much. But being completely new to this, I'm a bit lost. My plan is to make a 2d or isometric 2d sandbox online (mmo) rpg. Think Haven & Hearth, if you know it. Now I'm not much of an artist, but I guess I could get other people to do that. What I'm asking is this: - Most important - I don't want to code a new game engine, so what game engine would you recommend for my type of game? - Would Eclipse game engine be too limiting for me? - Would any other game engine for that fact be in the way of making a sandbox? What I'm asking is, are the current game engines that are out too restrictive to make a sandbox game? Would I be better off making my own? - Any other tips you could give me? Thanks a lot in advance.