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  1. caer

    Massive Online Battle Royal

    This has been done before on another sandbox game (Darkfall Online) heres a little video of it. I bet it was quite fun, so probably would make a good and fun game mode.
  2. You could implement directional melee combat à la mount and blade.
  3. If its a hardcore RP game I guess that people would agree to get their name chosen by the faith (random rp'ish name generator), and you could let them pick a single word alphabetical name to use it as a nickname: "John 'Rabbitrapist' Smith"
  4. caer

    how i can ...plz

    (dont you feel like you're feeding a troll?) EDIT: you got a point there, gonna put in a kitten to add value to this post
  5. XHTML are pretty much the same thing, start from HTML, make sure to write it well formed and there you go you already learnt XHTML.. (this wont take long, w3schools tutorials are quite easy and quick to read) Then you can move to HTML5, you cant start from that without any basic knowledge of HTML (atleast not following the tutorials from w3schools, they take HTML knowledge as a prerequisite when they start talking about HTML5).
  6. HTML, XML, PHP and related styling languages..
  7. Can you really handle this? You could make a game from scratch tutorial to help more people with less effort (or something like that) if you want to help new programmers..!
  8. caer

    What sections of C++ do you need to know? Its a good starting point, you'll be using C++ and SFML. Its pong. But its a good structured version of pong that will put you in the right track to move into a more complex project once you're done with the tutorial. Im quite a beginner but I suppose that SFML could be a better starting point than DX or OpenGL(?)
  9. The point of the flag system is to allow players to continue playing the game without being able to interfere in the raid. If you are so weak that you can't do anything, how is that substantively different from being dead. I will probably just spawn them at the nearest other city though I think. [/quote] The substantial difference is that even if they're way less effective they can still partecipate in some way, there's no hard rule to block the realism there: "you died so you cant attack those raiders anymore" sounds bad to me. Or you could make mobs stronger/receive backups as a player dies as a penality to that death and still let that player respawn there and fight. And/or.. about the "pick another binding spot, this city is under attack" maybe that could be set by the owners of that city (if its created by players) as a raid refugees respawn or something (still at a certain distance from the city, quite far but not too much).
  10. In a sandbox there shouldnt be "invisible walls", both physically and gameplay-wise. So, making raiders invisible to flagged players would be a a bad option and would break realism. I dont know how character stats and gear matter into your game but maybe you could just make players that die during a raid extremelly weak (to everyone or just to the raiders) once they respawn for a given ammount of time so that they can still watch the raid going on and try to help defending while beeing way less effective tho. Another option might be to prevent the players from respawning at the city binding spot and let them chose another binding spot that is atleast XXX to YYY meters away from the town (dont make it TOO far or else ppl might exploit it to fast-travel away).
  11. Ive started reading (C++), you can get the 5th edition too I guess, but I found this web version easier to read instead of a pdf
  12. caer

    Where to start?

    Game From Scratch there you go =) I've started reading the book suggested in the C++ workshop ("Teach yourself C++ in 21 days") and used the example of game from scratch to create a pong game using SFML to get in touch with graphical libraries.
  13. caer

    Struggling with the idea of in-game purchases

    Ive never purchased anything as a gamer in f2p games with paid contents. Cosmetic things are the only kind of paid content I'd consider buying if I get attached to the game for a while. Convenience could be also acceptable but I wouldnt buy them honestly. These should be fairly balanced tho, it shouldnt be frustrating playing the game without these boosts. If the content I could buy is of the kind of giving a competitive advantages to who helps letting them get privileges that you will never get by playing without paying I generally dont even start playing that game regardless of how good and fun it might be. Exclusive contents would be lame aswell, they might not be too lame if they dont give a real advantage to those that buy em, like mini games to unlock cosmetic or convenience stuff. From my gamer point of view I cant see how you could make money with a f2p game since Im not a paying customer, Id much rather pay 10€ once and have all the content avaible. Tho it looks like the winning choise nowadays, with some games keeping it balanced (LoL), and some other not.
  14. I study at a CS university. The first two years were mostly focused on maths and only now (third year of a 3-years degree) the courses moved their focus to programming. Still it wont teach me "how to make a game", so I've started (recently) to study a bit how of to make a game both programming wise and graphically by myself.. Cant really say Im tooo happy about my choise, I'd imagine a game design school like a more interesting place to study, tho I cant say yet wich would have been the better way to get into the game industry, but Im glad to see that most ppl here say that a CS uni is the better choise overall..
  15. caer

    while loops

    You need to reset the "j" before the nested while, and put the incrementation at the end of the loop block if you want it to work like a for loop does.
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