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  1.   Tbh, surprised that people still try to help beside saying "If you know so well, figure yourself out"   Its really just that people here like to solve problems, at least that's how I am.  I just thought of a way to solve the problem and posted it.
  2. Curse/Radiation should work similarly to how you presented Energy Absorption.   Diseases, infections, and poisons could be status effect that are inflicted.  Take a dagger with poison applied to it.  The poison wouldn't affect the wearer of the armour unless the damage from the dagger penetrated through the armour. A dagger slash against metal armour wouldn't pass the poison on to the wearer, but a pierce between joints would.   Also you should be a bit less rude to people, especially when your question wasn't thoroughly explained.  Curse usually denotes magic, not radiation, and the examples you present wouldn't be considered as amrour by most people.
  3. Business Sim Game How to simulate the Market

    Thanks everyone for your input.  I appreciate all of it.
  4. Business Sim Game How to simulate the Market

    I am planning on using a consumer object because I want it to change likes and dislikes depending on the games being made by the player and AI.  Like I mentioned in my first post, if a transcendent game, like Halo, gets made by either the player or ai, it will start a boom for games within that genre.  I also plan to use events like you say for somethings but not really for genre popularity.
  5. I am working on the design of a Game development tycoon style game, and trying to figure out how to effectively simulate consumers.  The player will be competing against, and cooperating with AI controlled companies for the sale of consoles, games, and game engines.  I want the market to flow similarly to the real market.  An example of this is Halo for xbox, it kinda started the boom of FPS games becoming mainstream.  Another example was Final Fantasy VII for RPGs.    My current Idea is creating consumer  objects to represent a smaller part of the market.  Each consumer would have a tech and value score for deciding which consoles to buy.  It would also have a budget for each month to purchase software, and have a list of liked genres, and minimum game score.  if the player or AI release a game and its above the game score and in one of the liked genres list the consumer will buy the game, if they still have room in their game budget.  Multiple games with a really high game scores in the same genre being made in the same year or two can influence the liked genre list for consumers.   The market as a whole will trend from great, consumer growth at 80 to 100% all the way to bad consumer decline at 5 to 10%.  I was thinking that each consumer object would represent 1000 actual consumers, with some randomization so all sales numbers aren't exactly 1000.  My problem is the size of the consumer base.  I mean its probably not too bad when the game begins and there are only 1 or so million and I need 1000 consumers objects.  When the market grows to something like it is today with 300 million or more consumers.    My current Idea to deal with market growth would be to boost the number of actual consumers each consumer object represents when the actual base reaches certain milestones.   At 10 million actual customers the objects would then represent 10000 customers, and at 20 million objects would represent 20000 customers. This would keep the max consumer object number at 1000.   Does anyone else have any ideas for representing the consumer market in a semi realistic way?
  6. Best CHEAP/FREE 2D Game Engine?

        I know you want to try something new, but why not just use unity for 2d?  Its free, and you would already know how to do some things in it.  There isn't much that changes moving from 3d to 2d.  GameMaker and Constuct2 are both good as well, as SotL mentioned.
  7. Best tutorials for beginner to expert Unity Java?

    If you are trying to learn unity, you should start by learning c#.  i think its better to use than unityscript(unity's version of javascript), because it is a more powerful language and more widely used in general.  One tutorial I would recommend for a newcomer to unity would be It covers quite a few features and isn't too old.  It still uses the old GUI system instead of the newer UI system, but outside of that everything is up to date.
  8. Is C# in Unity3D worth learning?

      firstly people that say all unity games look the same are dead wrong.  and unity is not too simple, its actually quite complex.  it is a great general purpose game engine, especially for beginners.  I would say go for it.  its best to use c# for unity, since you can use it outside unity and has some similarities with c++ which can help when learning c++ later down the road, if you choose.
  9. Programming Laptops (-numerics pad)

    I would agree with others about needing a numeric keypad.  It helps in many situations.  As for a laptop I got a used hp envy m6-1205dx, got mine from ebay for about 450-500.   I also bought 16gb of ram and it works great for unity.  was also able to do that and get a 250gb ssd last year for under $700 US.  I would bet you could put together something like that pretty cheap especially now.  only things I didn't like about it was only 1 hd bay, had to get an external enclosure for the 750gb drive that came with it, and i would have preferred a larger screen.    I would check out the amd apu based laptops if you are looking for a bargain laptop for game dev. 
  10. every thing you want can be done in unity.  it is free for the base, though the pro is kinda pricy.  you can do all the programming in c#.  I think you would be able to pick up c# pretty fast if you already know some java and c++.  it has been described as both similar to java, and c++.  I would recomend the 4.6 beta due to the additions added to UI implementation.
  11. Game engine for beginners, details here...

        Unity has some of the best community support of any of the engines or frameworks that I have used.  It has tons of tutorials and videos on youtube and around the web.  I don't know if you didn't search hard enough or what but there is a ton of info and learning material on unity out there.
  12. Game engine for beginners, details here...

      why not go with unity.  its supports oop and has a free version(which doesn't have limits on sprites or scenes).  unless you just don't like unity it seems like the best option for what you are looking for.
  13. How to stay motivated in learning?

    Best advice I could give is to find ways to make it fun.  I learned some of the basics of c++ from Beginning C++ Through Game Programming the games are really simple and it helps keep you from burning out because you are seeing something being completed and get that sense of accomplishment.  Its so much more fun and easier to stick with when you are able to say hey i made something kinda cool.
  14. Pirate RPG class design

    When I think of pirates spells never really come to my mind.  Mostly because spells are usually a scholarly pursuit.  Pirates have always seemed to only want to learn about the sea or the bar wench of the night. If I were designing a game where Pirates had spells, the spells would probably be quite simple or revolve around chanties(pirate songs).  Pirate life just isn't really suited for dedication to learning magic in a traditional sense. As for armor, medium(leather) armor would probably be the highest weight for a pirate, due to their required need for flexibility and mobility to maneuver around on a ship in the high seas.
  15. Learning Unity

      unity doesn't use java, but unityscript a derivitve of javascript.  c# is mainly used for windows apps, but does have uses outside windows through both unity and monogame.  both use c# and allow for development on ios, android, and even consoles.