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  1. [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1355049082' post='5008760'] [quote name='glhf' timestamp='1355046007' post='5008748']And if you happen to have the bad luck to start off with a bad reputation then it's impossible to get a good reputation. Because other users can downvote your posts without getting a penalty themselves. If someone has a red number then you dont even need to read it just downvote before reading it since you dont take a penalty for doing that.[/quote]No. Downvoting does carry a penalty; you lose 1 point every time you downvote someone ([i]no matter the rank of that person[/i]). In order for your reputation to get so low, other members have "spent" hundreds of points of their own reputation. You also down-vote a huge number of posts yourself, when anyone disagrees with you, which obviously lowers your own rating. [quote]but it is a bit sad that people judge me before reading my posts just because they see the red number.[/quote]You've got that backwards. You receive so many down-votes [i]because[/i] people [i]do[/i] read your posts. I don't quite understand how you do it, but we're always getting complaints about you specifically, as people always seem to think you're trolling. I've actually stepped to your defence in these matters and argued that you are honestly not aware of how offensive you often are, and aren't deliberately trolling... [/quote] Ok it seems I have got one little point wrong that they do get negative rep for downvoting a negative rep user. But there is still a lot of other points in my OP. And you view on that they downvote me because they read my posts.. What do you think about they alrady have a bad mindset/judged me as bad reading my reply already expecting it to be bad because they say me negative rep first? I also am noticing that this thread is turning into a discussion aimed at me when it should be about the reputation system. edit: edit because i think a lot of stuff in hindsight hehehe but about me being offensive.. you are correct that I probably dont realise it a lot of the times. one of my warnings on this forum is because I started off a reply with "you are wrong" and then I followed it up with a lengthy paragraph with my arguements and reasoning why I believe he was wrong. That is really suprising to me and I dont see how that is offensive but ok. O_O
  2. [quote name='Radikalizm' timestamp='1355048453' post='5008758'] Honestly I think you yourself do care quite a lot about your reputation, even if you say you don't. You make a thread about this exact thing every so often, and it's always right after you get downvoted because you posted a reply which contains irrelevant or just bad advice to some thread. Once you get downvoted you start complaining and trolling about being downvoted in the same thread which gets you downvoted even more since you're derailing the thread from its original topic. I've read trough your latest downvoted replies, and the exact scenario I described above happened. The OP in that thread required info from a professional developer, you replied to his questions with vague answers while you weren't even the right person to answer them, so you get downvoted. When someone tries to tell you that the OP actually wanted answers from an industry professional you just start trolling, which gets you downvoted even more. The reputation system might not be perfect (nothing is), but if you still believe the problem lies with the rep system or everyone else on this forum, it's really time to start thinking about your own replies or to stop replying for a while altogether. [/quote] This is the first time I've made a thread about the reputation system being flawed and should be removed. My answers in that thread were definitly not vague. And I never did any trolling please quote me where I trolled, I think you are one of those people I describe in this OP that judge me before reading anything based on my negative number.
  3. [quote name='Olof Hedman' timestamp='1355047633' post='5008753'] There is still a penalty to down-vote you. You are very talented in writing inflammatory posts, I highly doubt your negative rep is really that much of a surprise to you. [/quote] It's true that I make the occasional post that could be seen as inflammatory. But that is not my intention. Sometimes the truth can be hard to handle. I always back up what I say with reasoning,sense and logic and sometimes even facts. edit: I just noticed you pretty much disregarded all logic and points and reasoning I've made in this thread because you think I deserve my negative rep. Proves exactly what I have said in my OP.
  4. This system is flawed and gives a false reputation to users. You can get a positive reputation just from simply giving others a positive reputation. This means that everyone will have a positive reputation and it means that reputation doesn't actually mean anything. It just deceives you into thinking you are a good member but you are getting positive reputation just so that the other members can get positive reputation.. because if they dont upvote you then they wont get any positive reputation either. Someone who has a good reputation will rarely very rarely get downvoted posts as well because whoever downvotes someone elses post receives minus reputation as well. So it's often not worth it to downvote others posts because you don't want to lose your own reputation. And if you happen to have the bad luck to start off with a bad reputation then it's impossible to get a good reputation. Because other users can downvote your posts without getting a penalty themselves. Also if a user with negative rep downvotes someone else then the target doesnt actually get negative rep. and the following im not 100% sure off but negative rep users get bigger negative hits every time. I noticed for example i had a message that said I had -9 points in a specific thread... so i took a look and saw only 2 downvotes. thats more negative points than I can get from an entire day of upvoting other users posts because of the daily cap. And the deception? People think this reputation system matters, they treeat it like a holy thing etc. if someone has a green number next to their name then its most likely good info he is saying. and the higher the number the more valueable it has to be. if someone has a red number then you dont even need to read it just downvote before reading it since you dont take a penalty for doing that. if he has red number then it cant be anything good. Personally I don't care about my red number.. but it is a bit sad that people judge me before reading my posts just because they see the red number. edit: oh and I almost forgot. there was a female moderator, i think she is the one who made this system. she was talking about that you should only press the downvote or upvote buttons for this or that reason.. you shouldnt do it for that reason. etc but buttons can't read humans minds. there's nothing stopping them from pressing it for whatever reason they want. they can do it just because they can.. even from being bored. like i said theres no penalty for downvoting red users. and sometimes i just upvote randomly without reading their posts just so i can get a few positive reps.
  5. [quote name='Cornstalks' timestamp='1354731487' post='5007466'] I'm (slowly) working on a game that hinges on the idea of "doing good" and "doing bad" (where "bad" is something that's detrimental or harmful to others (NPCs, the environment, anything), and "good" is the opposite of that... whatever that is). However, I'm struggling with how to represent "doing good" and "doing bad" in a game in such a way that it allows for fun game mechanics while still getting the point across of good/bad. Also, I'm hoping for it to be at least somewhat family friendly, so if violence is used I don't want it to be overdone (I'm not really targeting kids, but I'm also not interested in ripping someone's guts out and eating them in this game). So what are various ways to represent doing good and doing bad in a game, and what kind of game mechanics do various methods invite? One idea I've had is removing color from things/the world (bad) and restoring color to things/the world (good) (similar to what I think [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aether_(video_game)"]Aether[/url] did, though I've never played it). I'm kind of unsure of what game mechanics would go well with this idea, but so far I'm thinking a puzzley platformer might allow for interesting ways to remove/restore color. But I'm still fuzzy on details Another incomplete idea I've had is killing living things (bad) and... what would be good? Restoring them to life? I don't plan on having NPCs do the killing, so I can't have "defending people from the bad guys" be "good." I'm unsure of this one, because I can't really think of what would be "doing good" or how to implement that in the game if "doing bad" is violence/killing people. What other ideas are there that convey doing good and doing bad? FYI, this is a 2D game, if that affects any ideas you may have. I haven't really settled on specific game mechanics (i.e. is it a puzzler, or platformer, etc) because I'm unsure of how to represent doing good and doing bad, and I want the game mechanics to nicely blend with doing good and doing bad, so I'm taking a step back and thinking of various ways to do good and bad. [/quote] About the thing that you are unsure what doing good is when doing bad is killing things.. so if good defend against bad then they are bad as well because they are killing the bad. Well I think you have to think about the reason they are killing not just that they are killing. Or do you think the u.s army and all soldiers in the world are evil? do you think police are evil? (Personally I do lol but we are talking about theory and ideally not what happens in practise and corruptness) So you must think about the reason they are killing. It's been like this in pretty much all games I can think of though so it wouldn't really be a breakthrough. The thing you said about remoivng color from the world.. You could make a minecraft clone or terrarria clone if you want sidescroller. And make just official servers with the same rules.. no player hosted servers where they create their own rules and destroy the entire point of the game. Make the rules so players can destroy what other players have built. and kill any other player they want and take all their items. That is evil right. And then good can be people defending and protecting, hunting these evil players down. maybe you can think of a good way so good players can repair what these evil players done. hunt them down and track down the items they took and bring them back to their rightful owner.
  6. [quote name='Víktor Bautista i Roca' timestamp='1355011511' post='5008641'] [quote]this guy knows how to and does art for the game and even knows how to program his own prototypes which is actually not that easy and I would take a guess it's just as hard as making a complete game just that making a complete game takes ofcourse a million times more time...[/quote] I guess you have not really read my post, or clicked on the link. I know how to program, yes, but I don't program any prototypes, as my games are "mortar and brick" games, like the ones in the given link. [/quote] haha right, sorry for misunderstanding. but I still know that a lot of game designers do what you do for video games as well.
  7. [quote name='Víktor Bautista i Roca' timestamp='1355008495' post='5008626'] Hi, I'm not sure if this will help you at all, because I'm a European author of (non video) games, but hey, you can just ignore me. My name is Víktor Bautista i Roca and right now I work for no company. Here you can see some of the games I've authored [url="http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgamedesigner/8037/viktor-bautista-i-roca"]http://boardgamegeek...bautista-i-roca[/url] [...] [/quote] I just want to say good post! [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] And to those that never believe or pay any respect to my opinions and views just because they see a negative reputation.. This guy is an example of what I said in my first post. You have to do a lot more than just game design.. this guy knows how to and does art for the game and even knows how to program his own prototypes which is actually not that easy and I would take a guess it's just as hard as making a complete game just that making a complete game takes ofcourse a million times more time.. Even with game maker it takes a lot of work and experience in game programming to make a prototype for a game. He does it all by himself too... programming.. art.. game design. Once again, good post.
  8. I don't understand how people like you can get a positive reputation from making complete offtopic posts with only purpose to berate other forum users just because you don't agree with in this case mine opinion. I just tried to help the OP by giving my own view on this all. This forum is for users all over the world.. with many different and varying opinions.. you have to keep an open mind and respect others opinions.
  9. Also I have a theory about how the rare few "real" game designers became successful. 1. They started out their game biz career as a programmer or artist and then after making at least one game they got respected in the scene and then people wanted him/her as a designer. This one isn't just a theory actually, I've read at more than a few places of game designer telling that this is what they did. 2. Lucky people that have a programmer as a close childhood friend or someone in family who can program or just got lucky and made a friend who don't mind someone else deciding how everything should be made in the game. This one isn't just a theory either. 3. If you're a girl then there's a lot of guys out there who will bring you on the team just for that reason. Especially if you went to some irl school related to programming or game development. This one is a theory. 4. I know for a FACT that some successful game designers haven't actually done anything at all. They just have a really nice boyfriend who did all the work but put the girlfriend/wife name in at least one of the job titles that seem believable. Like game designer. programmer wouldn't be believable if she can't program. I'm not being a sexist btw. I just honestly haven't heard of this happening to a man.. just to women. Probably because there are more men in the game biz than women. Please enlighten me with links if a man has gotten lucky this way too.
  10. [quote name='jbadams' timestamp='1354992852' post='5008562'] No offence intended glhf, but the OP is looking for responses from a professional game designer, and given you didn't mention it yourself I feel compelled to point out that you are not; as someone who has yet to complete and release a game you're not even really a hobbyist designer yet, and as usual there are a number of points where your answers do not accurately reflect typical industry practice. [/quote] That is your opinion I just answered the OPs questions he can decide for himself if it sounds legit or not. Also, you don't really know what I've done.. If I have/will make/made a game then I for sure wouldn't link that game to this name since I've got a lot of haters and that could hurt the reputation of the game hehe.
  11. 1) What initially interested you in game design? I was tired of seeing lots of bad and flawed games coming out constantly and if no one can make a game I can enjoy then I'll have to do it myself. 2) What is the education/training needed? You should at minimum have a passion for playing games. Just like a cook needs to enjoy eating food. Then it definitly helps if you are pro at playing games just like it helps to have a excellent taste for tasting food.. so you know if it needs more salt or whatever spice.. same thing with wine tasters. But just being a pro gamer won't get you far, Like for example I was really bored of seeing most AA mmorpg's using very similar combat mechanics as world of warcraft. But if you have knowledge about game design you will know that the reason a lot of the AA mmorpg's have used those mechanics is to remove incentive for cheaters. Because cheating can't be prevented.. only remove their incentive. That's just one of many reasons you need game design knowledge not just gaming experience. You should also have at least a basic understanding of how development (programming + art) is done so you at least have a rough idea of what limitations you have and what you can design.. so you don't make designs that are crazy and can't be made. 3) What are you responsibilities as a game designer? Responsibilities as game designer in practise is doing the art for the game or programming. Then you also need to throw in some good ideas on what to implement into the game or else you're just a programmer. It's a sad truth that's what game designers really are in practise. No one wants a real game designer. You could also become a game designer by creating a company and hiring a team of developers to become your employees and work for you. Then you can assume the role of a real designer. 4) What are the advantages of being a game designer? From a business standpoint there's no real advantages.. you're a team and your goal is to make a sucessfull game together and make money of it. From an entertainment standpoint then the advantage is that you can make a game the way YOU like it. 5) What are the disadvantages? No one really wants a game designer in their team unless this game designer can also do programming or art for the game. 6) How do government laws / regulations effect your career? It don't. 7) Any advice you would give for someone trying to become a game designer. Learn how to program or if you have an artistic ability then become an artist. Or have deep pockets. Good luck!
  12. I have found a lot of info about this on hero engine wiki which is the engine I will use. But I still have a question which is not only hero engine specific.. Here is pic from their wiki: [img]http://hewiki.heroengine.com/images/0/0f/Slot_Layout.jpg[/img] How do you do for example if the player puts on pants and shoes.. because in this example pic legs are only to the knees so pants would look like shorts then. And what if they had legs all the way down to feet.. how do you put on boots then if he is wearing pants.. or on arms.. same thing there
  13. I don't know if this needs to be specific to MMORPG's but that's what I've got in mind when I talk about this at least. progress systems such as skills based or level up, talent points etc.. What do you think would be the best? First I want to talk about classes. In Ultima Online for example the game was skill based instead of class based.. but you still could choose a class when creating char.. warrior, mage etc.. or do custom. It didn't make you into that class though it just chose what skills you start with. But even though the game was skill based.. we always called eachother names such as if we had a bunch of different classes. Like mage, dexer, axer, nox mage, thief etc So that can be the first thing you can choose to think about.. Maybe it's better to have games skillbased instead of class based.. because it stillis kindof class based even though its skill based but it opens up for a loooot more customization and classes that might not exist otherwise. Now will do game be skillbased or levelup based? I mean even though you could kinda do both for example that when you level up you receive points that you can place in skills. You could do so from fighting you only get combat points to place in combat skills.. so you cant kill monsters to become a better tailor for example. Or do you want it to be so you only improve the skill that you are using? It works great for spells like magic and melee but I guess it works ok for other skills too it just makes the game really all about afk macroing then. standing still afk macro hiding for example.. You could place skills in different groups somewhat what I mentioned just before.. So you have a combat group of skills that have a max cap of for example 300 skill points and each skill in that combat category has max cap of 100 each so you you can only max for example 3 skills out of the 7 that were available.. or bring 6 skills to 50skillpoints each. etc. You could also use talent points like WoW did.. I mean you can really do a lot of creative things i havent even mentoined. So lets all brainstorm and be creative together and talk about what IN YOUR OPINION is the best and why.
  14. [quote name='QNAN' timestamp='1354219874' post='5005429'] The area around the city Britain in UO was quite big. It had a forest and extended all the way out to the mountains, where miners could mine in safety.. I would have created a bigger safe zone, also with a few dungeons etc. A player could live safely there while "growing up" (the PK problem was to a large degree, that it scared away newbies), it would even be possible to build houses here, but at some point the yields would be meager compared to the "unsafe" world. Sure, he could continue living there, if he wanted to, but there would be serious incentives to venture outside, where the rewards were bigger. I would make special ore only drop in the unsafe area. I would have created special wood as well, also only dropping in the unsafe area. That way also harvesters and not only adventurers would have had incentives to venture out. I would not have doubled the world with two copies. I would not have made two different rulesets. I would have kept everything in the same world, as it was in UO before Trammel. I do know, that it was probably not possible to expand the original world because of how they had built it (one enormous file with all assets that could not be expanded), but given free hands in this thought experiment, that is what I would have done. Alternatively, if I have to talk within realism, I would have made a new original landmass in the same way they made T2A and used that instead. Statloss solved to a large degree PK'ing. It was a harsh punishment and only the most hardcore would PK after that , as it was easy to get wiped out in a connection loss, or just a connection hiccup (even monsters in dungeons were dangerous in that case). In my opinion PK'ing was definitely down to an acceptable level after statloss got put in. A player knowing what he was doing was due to the fast recalling almost invulnerable to PK's. The times I got PK'ed myself as an experienced player, was when I tried to fight back, just for fun. I don't remember having not been able to escape if I really wanted to. I was a quite experienced PvP'er (and also a passtime PK'er, though it was a fairly small occupation), so maybe I just knew better than many others what to do. But then again, isn't a game supposed to be challenging? Another way to fight PK'ing is to make a systems allowing the players to fight back. A good tracking system while blocking a PK's escape possibilities (recall/gate), which they also did later on. Allow players to take revenge later, even if the PK is blue. Another possibliity would be to chain the characters of an account together (family system maybe?), and then let them all suffer from the reputation of the PK character. Then a player would not be able to hide on another character, as also this one would be open for revenge even as blue. Blessed items I would never have done. Neither insurance. Both go against the risk vs. reward system, that made UO so exciting. [/quote] Yeah statloss was really great, I miss those times.. it was same in tibia.. in these 2 games pkers were a minority of playerbase. It's just not same thing playing games where it's not as dangerous to be a PK.. where pretty much everyone is a PK. Reason there is so many pvpers who only played as anti-pks or played in factions only etc is because they were scared of the pk punishments. I didn't like how tibia did it though which is one of your suggestions.. They made it so anyone can cast a spell which will give your position away no matter where you are in the world. So right after you pk someone he will type in world chat who pked him and everysingle pvper.. anti pk.. even other pks would hunt you down and with 15 mins ingame lock after killing someone theres usually not much you can do unless you team up with other pks and make a trap for anyone coming after you but even that doesnt usually work out well because most pks are low leveled because they can't really keep progressing in the game after they have pked their first victim because now entire server of pvpers have added your name to their vip list to see when you are online and then instantly start hunting you down as you login. So PKs in tibia usually powerleveld up chars to around lvl 20-30 and then they starting pking with that one untill its back to lvl 1 from dying many times after pking someone. And they send the loot to another char before dying so it still turns out into a profit a lot of the times. Another way is to become the most powerful guild in the game and then pretend and lie and make excuses for reason why you wanted to kill someone because if you don't and they think you're just random pking then the entire server will create an alliance against your pk guild But I still felt it was more fun pking in uo and tibia than any other game i've played because for one there were a lot of sheep in these games and 2 felt special to be a pk. My point is that there should be a good punishment but it should also be something that the pk can avoid with skill. So he can keep progressing in the game and hunting and playing the game.. maybe tibia system would of worked if they just had a level cap because then it would be easier for pks to not be lowleveled compared to anti pks and can at least defend themselves when the whole server tracks them down.
  15. Thanks, The engine I use is hero engine if you got advice specific to that one. Is there a way I can look if this engine support SVG format.. Do I need to find a renderer api if I use hero engine? edit: it says in wiki that the only texture formats for hero engine is DDS and PNG. So how do i do then?
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