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  1. BentmGamer

    Remaking an old game - Ethical?

    no, i think this is fine as long as the game is old enough. As an example, look up to the moon on steam. Its a remake of horizons from the 80s
  2. BentmGamer

    Create an operating system

    can u people quit discussing os development. All i want is something to create an inmteractive program. If coding is needed, I would prefer python or java and btw, whats svg
  3. BentmGamer

    Create an operating system

    Guys, guys, guys. Calm down. I dont need this info (but thanks and you are some smart peeps) all i need to know is how to make a program that i could add buttons animations and interactive objects into so it will give the illusion of being an os. I need this to test usability, and help my ability in coding and other software. So far REAL studio seems like my best bet, any suggestions
  4. BentmGamer

    Create an operating system

    That's what I want to do, create a program that would act as an interface. And by virtual, I mean something like what people make in vbs and call an os
  5. BentmGamer

    Create an operating system

    Pretty much. What I want to do is create a sort of program that would act like the os. Then build and build and build on that. Then maybe make a virtual os. Once I would get more people working, I would eventually build a linux window manager, then after years (but probly not) possibly maybe consider consider consider maybe wantin to consider to almost amybe feel like considering to want to make a full fledged os. What I want to know is what program to use to make this program, and tutorials for it.
  6. Herro. Im not sure if this fits in programming, but i have a question. I had a mind-blowing dream for an operating system last month, and i need to make a prototype. How would I go about doing that. Would i use flash or vbs or what? I would make a prototype like this guy: [media][/media]
  7. BentmGamer

    Hardware/Software Limits?!?!?

    Thanks for that tidbit about power supplies, yes i remembered gpu and hdd. And about ubuntu, I really havent used a dvd in a while, and if i need to, I can always get the codecs and install it.
  8. BentmGamer

    FeedBack for my RTS

    The art style looks very 'genuine', and I would definitley buy or play your game. But you should add somje really intuive feature or two to make it stand out, hive gamers a reason to play.
  9. BentmGamer

    Hardware/Software Limits?!?!?

    They will always cost more, because of their scarcity. (not buyers, but model scarcity, like how tjeir are only 6 macs out atm) I did some research, and settled on a 3.3ghz tri-core phenom 2 cpu by amd. Added in with case, memory, and other expected costs, It fits my budget. (my dad will be paying for some, and so will my bro, were gonna share, because we wanna do music production too). I will be using the machine for game design using 3dcoat and zbrush, also ardour DAW for ubuntu. Yes, Im gonna install ubuntu, ass windows home costs $130
  10. I think it would be cool if one player went, chose his move, the next player went, chose his move, then the outcome was shown in a single scene, and if they clashed, a mini war would start, turn based
  11. Learn java or c (almost any sort) as first languages, then maybe dive into something else later on like lua. But at first java and c are best, and u can use c with unity too, If you have other members in a team.
  12. BentmGamer

    Hardware/Software Limits?!?!?

    No, not exactly. I just didnt know zbrush was aviable for linux/able to run. Yes I do love mac, but just the zbrush thing, because i hoped to be using it. Well, u solved my prob then, off to look for a core 2 duo! ps. thanks for telling me that.
  13. BentmGamer

    Hardware/Software Limits?!?!?

    I mean the 2006 one, and they do max out at 3gb. (the ones youre thinking of are the 2010-1012 wich max out at 32gb) and, looking into it, getting a core 2 duo machine wiht 3gb ram costs about the same. The reason I wanna use mac is cuz i just love it. And some stuff isnt available that i would like to use, like zbrush. And software cost is not an issue for me, if ya know what i mean. 3gb on the imac 2006 would be fine for me (not really, but for all intents and purposes, i need to make the best of what I have) And with the scanner ordeal, do you know if those "nano scanners" advertised work for scanning as good as a normal scanner, cuz i noticed they are much cheaper. And I was planning on installing Ubuntu on my old iBook anyways.
  14. BentmGamer

    Hardware/Software Limits?!?!?

    Do u think it would be ok to get an imac 2006 (2o or 24) max it out to 3gb ram, and run adobe illustrator w/ a wacom graphics tablet (preferably the splash) because I love character drawing, but i cant do that with available resources (except on paper of course)
  15. Hey community, I'm new to this forum and u may have seen my post about my crappy childish style. Now, as you may have realised, I am an ASPIRING game artist. At this point I need some good advice. I really like drawing, and I like digitally refining those awesome drawings I draw. But, to refine those awesome drawings, I must have a scanner, camera, or graphics tablet. And to refine those efficiently, I should have good software. (Im also a computer nerd just to let u know, but not too much programing) And also a good system. For my system, it has a p4, with 2gb ram. For software im using macromedia fireworks 2004. Yes I said macromedia, Yes I said 2004. And while using this software to try and do digital art without my own base drawing, I notice considerable lag. Anyone have any advice on what to do, where to attain software or hardware, or anything? And I also heard linux managed memory better, any1 know graphicss tablet and graphics software for linux, and whhere to get a low end machine to run linux Ubuntu on?
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