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  1. Mouse Events for a Board Game in SDL

    You can just take a look at this tutorial [url="http://lazyfoo.net/SDL_tutorials/lesson09/index.php."]http://lazyfoo.net/S...on09/index.php.[/url] The first half of it just describes the class he used to describe each of the screen parts(which i guess would be useful as u'd have to do the same with ur game board) and the second talks about the SDL mouse events. It's not a very difficult concept, if u were able to do the rest this shouldn't be any trouble. So what you'd do is initialize a SDL_Rect (which contains a top left described by x, y and then width and lenght to give the bottom right) and u'd just use the mouse events to see if it's inside that rectangle and know which 1 to activate.
  2. Computer Science

    Thank everyone for answering my questions.
  3. Computer Science

    Hey, (if you want just skip to the questions) A while ago i started reading about programming, and as i had always been into computers and didn't really know what i would like to do later as a job i decided to try it out.I started by learning C++. Since then i've learned quite a bit, even tho it's nothing compared to what is needed to truly master that language. I've learned the basic control structures, classes, variable manipulation, inheritance, etc. The basics i guess. But one thing is certain to me. This is what i want to do for a living. I love the challenge it presents, i love the feeling that you get when you manage to find the solution. In about two year i probably want to be in university studying Computer Science. So i was wondering if some of you guys who studied it could answer some questions i've. Questions: -In a university level computer science course, what are the major subjects that you learn? -What knowledge of physics/maths/other major stuff do you need to have? -What should you try to learn before so that you can be "ready"? -How hard is it for someone with a bachelor degree to find a job? and for someone with a masters degree? -What skills or traits would be helpful for someone who wants to become a programmer? -What's the average salary of a programmer, in the US or Europe? -What should i focus on learning NOW and what's a good project to improve my knowledge/programming skills? thanks to all those who help