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  1. compscialien

    Controversial Policy Choices in Games

    The mission "No Russian" did have a point to add to the plot: it shows WHY the Russians turn out to become the bad guys. Without that event, the conflict would not have started. So while it was a plot hole filled campaign, every mission had a point. Back on topic, yes, I think the feature would add to your game, as long as it is implemented in the same way as the other similar features, and that it is 100% needed to play/beat the game. Save features like that for the core gameplay (like Battlefield and shooting or Mario and jumping). And on that note, sounds like a game I would play, so I will definitely watch out for it.
  2. compscialien

    Multidimensional Arrays for a Rogue-Like Map?

    Try looking up Ncurses if you want a little more control over the look and feel of the console window.
  3. compscialien

    Video Game Programming as a Hobby

    It's not the moderators' job to move your topics to the correct place, only to maintain that all threads and posts follow the rules of the boards, and to get rid of the threads and post if they don't, and the user as well if the need is there. It's your job to check that you are posting in the correct area to make sure you get a reply that a) you want and b) won't be moderated. Moderators are your friends, they keep the bad people away! Arukas, if you just want to hobby program with no intention of having cutting edge or special request art, try looking for Public Domain resources. In the "Music and Sounds" and "Visual Arts" boards they have a topic that lists many common sites. Those might be helpful for you.
  4. compscialien

    Have i choosed the right path for beginners?

    This is why I love it here in Virginia Tech's CS department. After your standard intro to "Blank" language courses, you get hit by "Problem Solving in CS" Example problem: A family wants more males than females, so they keep having children until they have a boy in which case they stop having children. (A) Will males outnumber females? (B) What is the ratio is male to females? I love this class. Shows what CS really is about! There's many different ways at solving this, just as there is different ways to program.
  5. compscialien

    Point relative to moving Origin

    Don't forget to make sure that your angle is stored as the correct type (radians vs degrees). I know I've made many mistakes where I assumed a library uses one, but really uses the other. I believe C#'s Math.cos(double) and Math.sin(double) use radians. If so, you can use MathHelper.ToRadians(double) I believe is the name of the function.
  6. Try using Unity3D or use the Android API directly and write OpenGL and logic directly.
  7. compscialien

    black bars

    With the limited information you gave, it appears to me to be a problem with the cherry graphics resource. Notice it only occurs on cherries, and it is the same shape. It looks like it occurs on the top part of the image. P.S.: You may want to rethink the shape of the whipped creme on your pies. Just saying. [/quote] I missed both of those things! Hahaha great catch. So now, more specifically, I can say check your cherry resource, and possibly the rendering. Maybe your code to pick location is slightly off, causing a gap? It's an iPhone, too, isn't it? And yes, the whipped cream is a bit, naughty.
  8. compscialien

    black bars

    More information is needed. Language, library, operating system, and maybe a bit of sample code where you think the issue is.
  9. compscialien

    The good old "which one"; choosing a language.

    While I havent played Terraria, XNA is one of the most widely used engines available and game quality is almost always a result from the programmer and people working on the game, not the engines. There is some quality stuff from Indies on the Xbox Live Arcade, and that is all made in XNA... (quote shortened for length) [/quote] You mean XNA is a useful framework (I'd even accept library here) not an engine. And you mean Xbox Live Indie Games, not Arcade. Now that pet peeves are out of the way... I do recommend XNA, and SFML if you're just playing with it (not that it is bad, but it is a C++ library (not engine) that handles most of what you need, but many tutorials for it online were written as short one-offs, and as such teach very bad habits (see Global Variables, among others). No offense, but I don't see any sort of thought behind this statement. That, and it isn't 100% true, see LabVIEW (which is what we use in the engineering courses here at VT, alongside MATLAB) I always love hearing stories like these. It reminds me that not all businesses are evil and have their workers forced to use legecy code, unlike one of the places I've interned at, which used C83 with macros up the ash tray and lots of legecy embedded asm. There was a bug, and their custom compiler for their embedded system detected a bug, but no more information than "COMPILER ASSERT FAIL OVERFLOW DATA CORRUPT". Worse, summer, ever.
  10. compscialien

    snt there a way to make threads of winapi safe ?

    You might want to look at a lock to prevent the multiple creation, rather than have the thread die and be recreated. Actually, with C++, you could look at a singleton possibly, since this would be one of those cases where a singleton would be useful (from what I can guess from your description). EDIT: I don't write a lot of mutli-threaded code, but I believe you want to use a mutex.
  11. compscialien

    Unity Tutorials

    And don't forget that they have tutorials right on their site even:
  12. I'm looking at creating a simple platformer game on the Android platform, however, I'm trying to think of some method of control. I've seen some games use a virtual control with buttons on the screen, and others that use the accelerometer. Which would be your personal preference if the game was similar to Megaman (the classic series and its sequel series) or Sonic? Note, this is for devices that don't have physical keyboards/buttons, such as the Galaxy S2 or the Nexus. Devices with keyboards or pads would obviously use them, unless the user opted otherwise.
  13. The map editor he posted has a link to the source code on the main page. It seems to use QT and most likely OpenGL for rendering. Check it out.
  14. compscialien

    Help with iOS game Publishers

    Another avenue to look at is using the players as marketing tools, and giving incentives for them to get more of their friends playing, such as bonus tokens, such as Zinga and other social networking games have done. And you should also look at possibly expanding your userbase with an Android version, if possible.
  15. Upon looking it up myself, that seems to be the most widely used solution. While maybe not the most elegant, it certainly gets the job done. This is a good find.
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