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  1. Putting the vulnerability aside, I still like flash for it's "stability" with heavy contents. It crashes when it gets that heavy, but compared to html5 benchmarks I've ran on video streaming sites it's still less buggy, I hope html5 will soon come to a term where it's as stable as flash once was with heavy loads.   Another thing is that people who learned flash and perfected their skills would find themselves jobless/useless. Historical flash game websites will have to do a complete makeover as well.
  2. eliris

    What to do when your idea was already taken

    I'm okay with the assets since I can model flexibly if I invested my time in it, but I agree with you, when I learned 3d modeling, I used to copy other people's work by trying to recreate it, then I slowly understood the way they worked and it made me even better and better and added my little tweaks in there just for exercising, the same way goes for storywritting etc. Thank you all for the heads up, I'll update when it amounts to something presentable.
  3. eliris

    What to do when your idea was already taken

    Thank you! this really helped as I skimmed through the different horror games in found footage style I found out it's all about execution as you said. Having the bonus of my country having a lot of traditional tales and unique settings I might take that as a general direction to where should it head. I'm gonna to contnue writing now :)
  4. eliris

    What to do when your idea was already taken

    Thanks for the heads up and the info, I'll keep working on it and see how far can I go.
  5. eliris

    What to do when your idea was already taken

    Then according to you, should I try to give my concept project a go even if it's a but similar to another game? Considering it being a not so small project I'm gonna have to invest some time in there so I don't want it to be a loss.
  6. I might not be the only one here who possibly had the idea of a very great game but after some ressearch found out that it was already taken (technically, same gameplay, artstyle and story).   In cases like this,should you still continue and start working on it or do a completely different project?   Let's say you wanted to conceive a video game inspired by a concept from a movie, REC as an example, but realized another person or company has already "made it", if you were to work on your project and change a few things so it doesn't look the same, will people still want to play it? Will it still be as hype as a new game or will it be labeled a copy/paste? Considering the time and work you'll put in it you don't want those to be in vain.   I need some advices before I move on or continue, thank you.
  7. Since we don't really have a background about you,I would start with the programmign language,(If you do not know everything about java yet) I would recommend you to read (and read every single page attentively) of the book "Head First Java, 2nd Edition" http://www.amazon.com/Head-First-Java-2nd-Edition/dp/0596009208. It really explains and teaches you about java, unlike other books which are more like dictionaries than teaching books, then after you're done with it, watch some of Bucky Roberts (thenewboston on youtube)'s videos , he explains in details when he teaches and he cuts it in small videos so you can take your time. Once you've mastered the basics you can then move on to watching tutorials on how to do a certain thing and understanding what they're saying and it will come by itself afterwards.
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