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  1. GoliathForge

    GC : Explosive Balls (game play)

    Attached is an updated version. Hope to get a bow on it this next week. GDN_SideScroller_goliathForge_TEST_02.zip
  2. GoliathForge

    GC : Explosive Balls (game play)

    No worries.. That will give me a chance to put an update in maybe tomorrow. Sound has been improved by a long ways. I was missing on my sound release time and it made it muddy. But an accidental fix cleared it up. Sounds great now. Maybe not so accidental, but certainly a surprise. Re-arranged the three bar looping music. It's groovy now instead of just noise. Added difficulty by scaling time. It's pretty fast, some collision types ghost through at the faster speeds, so I need to break up the step to ball radius(x2?) perhaps. Been playing it, trying to make it fun. meh, not bad-ish. Still need to finish up the pipe configuration arrays. It's a play, add/smudge/play routine now with the driving data.
  3. GoliathForge

    Change Animation in OpenGL

    The first parameter defines the interval the call will be made. You've specified in no time. (so it may only fire once, not sure on that) Moving on... Here is an example of one way, you could do it. // global access float rotation = 0.f; float step = -2; // inside an update or timer function { rotation -= elapsedTime * 40.f; if (rotation < -90) { rotation = 0.f; step += 1.f; } } // inside your draw callback { glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW); glLoadIdentity(); glTranslatef(step, 0, 0); glRotatef(rotation, 0, 0, 1); glTranslatef(0, 0, -5); // so I can see it glBegin(GL_QUADS); glColor3f(1.f, 1.f, 1.f); glVertex3f(-1, 0, 0); glVertex3f(0, 0, 0); // pivot point is already on the side(right bottom) glVertex3f(0, 1, 0); glVertex3f(-1, 1, 0); glEnd(); } I've cheated here perhaps with the arrangement of the vertices. A normal rotation will appear correct the first 90°. What I've chosen to do is only use that range of 0° to 90° and when I reach my rotation, I reset to zero and advance the translation variable I'm tracking. In computer graphics, the goal is to create the illusion with the least amount of background work. Have you considered a modern openGL environment?
  4. GoliathForge


    I thought I heard the low poly wolf howl
  5. GoliathForge

    A Revolutionary New Game

    <sigh> Well, very good. I like the name your (group) has chosen for this project. Do you have any concept art or pencil work you're prepared to show to get the ball rolling?
  6. GoliathForge

    Change Animation in OpenGL

    With transformations, there are order of operation rules. Rotation occurs at the origin (0, 0) and spins in place as you've observed. If you translate it first the width of your square along the x axis to align the edge you want to pivot on next at the origin, then the behavior will appear correct when you next rotate the halfPi. Translate back into position before you draw to complete the illusion. You will have to separately keep track of your progression through your cycle and movement logic.
  7. GoliathForge

    Challenge 2 - Online Side Scrolling Arcade Shooter

    when you really look at it, it's a pretty sweet little check list. Takes all the guesswork out. What next? Right there. I like your timing on this. I think I'll join @Awoken on challenge_01 and see you on the other side of this one. Good Luck <<-- 😎 +1 for making your own. As a side, back when this site put this iteration of challenges up proper last year, there was mention from early discussions with @khawk of perhaps a silver award for after party entries. I liked this idea because there is a sense of "keep alive" instead of tossing dirt in the hole afterwards when looking back at the challenge activity. ('gotta have your bling)
  8. GoliathForge

    GC : Explosive Balls (game play)

    down arrow on the character to block. (aim at head (deflection)) green orbs are stand ins (sorry, cool) still don't know what to power up. I think I'll give damage if the 'explosive balls' on good hit and you are not blocking. Ball bounces are random 3 or 4 terrain bounces. (it's supposed to be 3 bounces, but I've counted 4 so there is a bug in there somewhere ) Deflector or character bounces are dismissed. Keep it up in the air or go get another one thanks dude.
  9. GoliathForge

    GC : Explosive Balls (game play)

    It's a free for all Arrows and mouse only. put a red ball in the hole on the other side of the map. character advances camera and can bat the balls. blue power deflectors are movable with center node and outer nodes adjust angle (auto return) down arrow block. Up arrow shouldn't be active, it's part of my ester egg. I only get 40hz over here.
  10. GoliathForge

    GC : Explosive Balls (game play)

    Attached is the current state of the application. A handful of items are incomplete but it's presentable. Looking forward to a week of cleaning this up. GDN_SideScroller_goliathForge_TEST.zip
  11. you can drill into those functions to get tighter detail (double click)
  12. That state compared to what? Then your attention goes to the diffs to narrow your search. (I think )
  13. Nathan's article is the take away for me...thanks huge. Next I was thinking, sequential writes verses random writes as a performance downer during the raster.
  14. how is that metric really? Is it 1000k(s) tris/sec all visible at once or is it that many tris going through the pipe and well, our culling hardware is great...I actually wondered about that. openGL has always given me slightly less performance than chart. (but I actually prefer)
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