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  1. GoliathForge


    Album for Sandbox_console
  2. GoliathForge

    Professional 2D Artist For hire

    Stunning. Very hyper-real.
  3. GoliathForge

    a skeleton application

    I think the easiest way to get into directx programming is with the DirectXTK, especially if coming from XNA/Monogame because of the method naming and workflow similarities. The entire library is not required. You can break it up and only use pieces if you desire. Currently, I'm using DirectX::SpriteBatch and DirectX::SimpleMath. Here is the getting started page where a VisualStudio project template can be installed to produce your starter files automatically.
  4. I'd have to ask you to define 'the gaming experience' here. We can have sci-fi punk with that screech to a halt slap stick comedy where it's okay to have a pimpin' dinosaur with bling on every claw ready to throw down. But if we're defining 'the experience' as something else then perhaps not. Trying to stay on topic, have you made notes on what 'experiences' you want a player to take away from playing your scifi fighter. What makes it fun. Break those into smaller pieces, then we'd be asking different questions and digging in.
  5. I'm thinking, a younger, on the slender side but scrappy (hardened by the street) mini gangsta but sports those big cylinder shaped goggles perched on his forehead just above the brow. A tinker-er mechanic type. umm...lol...left arm mechanical. Has a backpack of load outs that change the function of the mechanical limb. Ah, and spring heels for that mega jump action. How we doing? edit: so visual appearance aside, from your current character line up, can you speak of their history. Do each have a story? or are they just fancy icons with glitter.
  6. That's a ton of metal. Never can have enough sparkling goodness. Maybe something fleshy? How about a blob. (It's a real blob when its meah can separate, rejoin and morph), movement would be procedural and reactive to the immediate scene/environment. No animating except the kill sequence. (Morph shapes) Blobs can only be defeated through containment (spell, physical object, wishful thinking). Good game puzzle maybe? I don't know, slime might not be up to the task of pulling off cyberpunk.
  7. GoliathForge

    Game collectible highlighting

    Judging from the second image, the white stripe on the collectibles appears a hard horizontal to the screen suggesting a stencil and full screen pass with the animated stripe.
  8. GoliathForge


    Source code and project template. No longer in development in favor of modern rendering interfaces, but serves as a decent fixed pipe example. Demo includes an old take on pong/air hockey. Source Code Repository
  9. GoliathForge

    Mixing low poly with other styles

    This looks great. Judging from the scale of the faceting in the top image, it appears to be a one meter (plus/minus a little) grid. That is equal to the best resolution, hard to come by DEM (VHR). Irregardless of using real world data, I'm not sure we would call this resolution low poly. Poor accuracy, moderate to coarse resolution DEMS are 30 meter(ASTER GDEM) and 90 meter(SRTM) respectively. Could be a matter of interpretation, but I'd say you're currently closer to a standard resolution terrain and have quite a bit of room to move to 'low poly'. Still, I'm not sure how much distance you'd gain at the horizon by increasing your terrain grid size because of increased number of standard detail objects (trees, rocks, characters, etc.) and ignoring distance level of detail schemes. The 'vertex lit' part I understand is more to point. Again, looks really good. Applies equally to the smooth textured version which makes it a tough call. Between the two images, the high hills in the distance are almost indistinguishable. You might be looking at a mixed technique when it's all said and done to get a balance between your other art assets. references: https://besjournals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/2041-210X.12427
  10. Agreed, but looks sensible with near:1 far:1000. My guess would be check your binary grass.p3d for perhaps an extra set of indices causing a possible overdraw in that corner. Or maybe, wild shot...I see you started with .obj which is cool, but maybe we have an off by one in the write of those binary files being how .obj is 1=first based instead of 0=first and you may have still have been in that mode when writing the .p3d export code somewhere. The file load code I see and seems good. Maybe double check those thoughts.
  11. GoliathForge

    Which Button is Pressed

    Add listeners to your buttons and in each, deactivate the other two programically. Try starting with this page from the unity scripting api documentation which demonstrates the AddListener method call and custom callback.
  12. GoliathForge

    Fancy Ball 2 - Skins

    This could have real addiction potential. Feels juicy as shown, could use one more subtle visual layer to make it pop. (for instance, dim or blur current frame + local follow lighting) or perhaps introduce normal maps to your art pipe and render your quads with an animated light transform. Might give a 'screen sway' of sort. The other thing I'm thinking is a gental screen bump when the ball bounces to give it a little more life. Very good.
  13. The new.turrets are really working. Major visual improvement.
  14. GoliathForge

    Spare time projects wikisite

    The core concept is interesting. A mini-code repository of sort would be cool for the non-professional/hobby scene. I say this because I am one of those people. When you're targeting hobbyDev(is that a tag or registered name yet), the playing field is infinite scope, meaning full language diversity, topics ranging from system startup thru shutdown which alone would be an organizational marathon. I feel this won't take traction until it's been partially established with useful tid-bits and becomes respected as to not be vandalized.
  15. GoliathForge

    Spare time projects wikisite

    visually, it looks fine. What topics/articles do you have planned for this? Are you targeting a language/api set or are you moving toward an all encompassing hobby dev wiki? After the 'software development', what do you have planned for art and sound?
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