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  1. GoliathForge

    rpg game

    all right. If your animated sprites are walking now, you could look at jumping and falling. If your animated sprites are flyers or top down view, you might skip ahead to pursue and evade behavior from an enemy. Both could use more thought into how you feed and care for your collision system.
  2. GoliathForge

    graphical user interface

    That other thread is going get closed...How's it going in here. Were you able to build FlatUI.
  3. private void OnResize(object sender, EventArgs e) { var clientArea = _gameWindow.ClientRectangle; GL.Viewport(0, 0, clientArea.Width, clientArea.Height); _projectionMatrix = Matrix4.CreateOrthographic(clientArea.Width, clientArea.Height, -1, 1); } private void OnLoad(object sender, EventArgs e) { //_projectionMatrix = Matrix4.CreateOrthographic(3, 3, 0.001f, 50); // remove me . . . // scale vertex array to be in pixel space what about passing the actual screen size values to CreateOrthographic...does that change anything? (1pixel::1unit)
  4. How about your model matrix uniform...is that in a garbage state because it's commented out client side? What does that log?
  5. GoliathForge

    graphical user interface

    I think a fun exercise for you would be to examine bitmap font rendering then or better yet. That would tie in nicely with your recent animated sprite work. Good Luck.
  6. GoliathForge

    graphical user interface

    can you please ask that in a more specific way. I'm assuming you don't want the default os gui provided but instead hardware rasterized elements. Do you think that 2D gui elements are not rectangles just like sprites? Do gui elements not require vertices and a position on screen just like sprites? If you change the texture of one of your sprites to something that appeared gui-ish, would you be able to tell the difference if you were also checking for mouse screen clicks and responded with an action on a detected good click within the gui image rectangle? I encourage you to please review some existing gui libraries to get a feel for different approaches, then come back and tell us what you liked and didn't like.
  7. GoliathForge

    graphical user interface

    you could take the recommendations of the [khronos.org wiki] in the "OpenGL initialization : Context/Window TOolkits" section, under widget toolkits. But in your case, I feel it would be fine to build your GUI in a manner similar to your sprites because I suspect button behavior, a text entry field and perhaps icon drag and drop would be the height of your needs. Reinventing the wheel is rarely a good idea, but I think you may do well to get your hands dirty a little with this to perhaps appreciate existing libraries. If that proves too difficult, the other approach would be a [ youTube search : openGL c++ gui tutorial ]. Review some of these, collect your thoughts and then we can continue a meaningful conversation on common ground... The reality is, you may need to try a few options to know what will be best for your project.
  8. GoliathForge

    new ideas for video games.

    Hello @game bug, nice to meet you and welcome to the party. If you need someone else to do it, that could get expensive.
  9. GoliathForge

    sprite collision

    ..trying a re-wording. what do other games have that your game does not? (menu, scoring, pause, replay, sound, enemy AI, state manager/listener, some refactoring (remove duplicating the quad draw code...?)
  10. GoliathForge

    Doom Challenge + Other Things

  11. GoliathForge

    sprite collision

    what was the problem? Can you elaborate a little on how this fixed it?
  12. GoliathForge

    One Lone Coder Jam 2019

    The JavidX9 channel is great. I used his PGE on the previous game challenge here at gamedev. Fun stuff.
  13. Hello. I hunted for it twice but I can't say I found it. Unless it's the post process item. [This Video] talks about volumes. but only helps when the camera enters/approaches which might be cool when passing through the arch. Then there was [this] portal idea when looking through the arch...might be a lot of work doing things twice as suggested in the lesson.
  14. GoliathForge

    Doom Game Challenge : þoom

    oh I know that one dude...I'm in scattered pieces over here. My easy(ish) idea was poo-poo'ed as a already made approach I'm suspecting, the Unity idea is real pretty and even easier path. A couple days ago, I had the itch to play with ogl and was reminiscing with opengl-tutorial.org. One of my favorites and kicking around a couple of ideas. (of sort) I've never actually implemented bsp sorter, so...
  15. GoliathForge

    sprite collision

    Have you tried to use the debugger to step through your code and watch your variables behave as expected?
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