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  1. Hi, that sounds really interesting. I have registered on discord now, but can't seem to add you as friend? I don't have to "create a server" in order to contact you, do I? I am only interested in making painterly style cover/loading screen/environments though - no sprites or pixel art No need, you can enter my discord tag at add friend menu. Or can I have your Discord Tag? Or You can just email me at I tried, but it said you had to add me. I have jmbcreativeart#4413
  2. Hi, that sounds really interesting. I have registered on discord now, but can't seem to add you as friend? I don't have to "create a server" in order to contact you, do I? I am only interested in making painterly style cover/loading screen/environments though - no sprites or pixel art
  3. jmbcreativeart

    Programmer looking for 2D Artist

    If you would like loading screens/backgrounds in a painterly style and this is not too cheerful for "Dim", do let me know :) (both are my own work)
  4. Thanks for your reply, it depends on how "dark" that game would be. I really enjoy 2D puzzle platformers, but more of a fantasy style. Unfortunately not interestered in doing horror or gothic art. Dark fantasy would be ok though. I would be happy to paint a loading screen image and /or background for your game if we could decide on an art style that appeals to us both. Seems like I posted in the wrong part of the forum and that I can't attach images. Please visit my Instagram account "jmbcreativeartgallery" to see some of my finished pieces.
  5. Daenerys from "Game of Thrones" study Silver Forest (Concept Art for "Dawn RPG") Commissioned portrait
  6. Hello, I am an ambitious, experienced 2D digital artist from Sweden dreaming of making art for games again I am open for providing free art for a project I find interesting - but due to working fultime as language teacher and with 3 (soon 4) children I don't have time/interest to use Skype or similar. What I do have is a passion for drawing and painting and I could - for fun, no deadlines! - contribute with: - Free 2D art - Realistic/painterly style - Epic fantasy landscape art - Fantasy portrait art My experience from previous game projects includes: - Dawn (fantasy RPG) - Fantasy strategy game - Science fiction game project - Pixel art MMORPG (no interest in doing pixel art atm though) I will post finished pieces and studies in this thread. Hope you will like them Best regards
  7. jmbcreativeart

    c#/c++ developer

    I'm a 2D artist with experience from drawing/painting concept art and loading screen images for various game projects ("Dawn" and a Sci-fi game), preferably drawing fantasy themes Not much time, so only available for just-for-fun, long-time, no-deadline projects. If you'd still be interested in me joining the gamedev process, let me know :) Example of work and a Skyrim-study I'm doing:     Best regards :)
  8. jmbcreativeart

    Need some advice

    At the moment I am offering art (concept/character portraits and such) without any payment whatsoever. I do have a number of conditions though, such as: No deadlines, paid work always comes first, I want the right to sell my artworks as prints on DA and similar sites etc. If interested in spite of these conditions just PM me and I'll give you more info and a mail adress to which you can send your brief Cheers /Magnus JMB Creative Art & Illustration
  9. jmbcreativeart

    My Gamerelated Art

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. Yes, I do have a weakness for traditional oil paintings, especially from Renaissance up to Impressionism. Is the flower an Iris? I must admit that I just made something up. The place I was supposed to visualize was the Silver Forest, the place where the elves in the game would live and I think it was supposed to be very mist-covered. The first one is earlier and I agree that I had learned more about conveying depth. Still hadn't begun working in a more limited palette though, these days I focus more on just a few colors and whether they give a "warm" or "cold" impression that can enhance the mood I'm after. Also tried a whole bunch of tools for these, had especially discovered how fun it is to cover parts of the painting with an airbrush! Here's a personal work that was painted even earlier than these two: Moonrise (2D digital)
  10. jmbcreativeart

    My Gamerelated Art

    Another Concept Piece for the "Dawn" CRPG Project: Belemar Mountains (2D digital). C&C always appreciated
  11. jmbcreativeart

    My Gamerelated Art

    Hi, I have recently been involved in the Computer RPG "Dawn" as Concept Artist (and even composer of its main theme, but that's another story ;)) Unfortunately the two project starters behind it realized it was too demanding and decided to pursue other dreamgames. Anyway, in this thread I'm planning to post some Concept Art of mine and other artworks that's related to gaming. I'm happy about Comments and Critiques, always looking to improve. Don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in a collaboration and would need Concept Art/Painting for a cutscene or similar. I've primarily painted and drawn Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but might consider doing other genres as well. Currently not doing anything above "Teen" rating though (not interested in being involved in games with 18+ content). No matter what I hope my art can be inspiring and of interest to game developers. Cheers --- Silver Forest (2D digital, Concept Art for CRPG project "Dawn")
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