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  1. "Have you ever seen a taxi at a petrol station?" ~Will Kirkby
  2. Math for Game Developers: Intro to Matrices

    Looks good! It's helping me keep my maths fresh during the summer!
  3. George Platts Channel 5. Bad Boys Bad Boys!
  4. Hey guys,   I've been thinking over a problem today and I wanted to have some input from you lot! :D I have a DX11 engine I'm building up and I need a system where I can load in different model types, .obj, .md5 that sorta thing. But I can't seem to come up with a way to decouple the file loading from the data itself.    I thought I'd start here because you have much more experience than me :P      This is the general Idea I have in my head. Using FileLoadingManager as a singleton and IFileImporter as an interface.   How would you do it? Design limitations?   This is a learning exercise for me so throw books, examples and whatever else you want at me too :D   Many Thanks.
  5. I recently tried to use the DevIL Image libraries but I decided to give up. So I took all references of it out of my code and took it out of the directory's. BUT I'm still getting an LNK1104 Error it says "cannot open ilut.h" I don't know if I'm missing something :/ Any help would really help me out
  6. Has watched every episode of the season 1 of prison break in less than 1 and a half days xD
  7. Unity Unity Tutorials

    The Unity Website has a good section of documentation and a few tutorials I believe. [url=""][/url]
  8. up at 12:30am learning to program in C++, I love being a nerd xD
  9. Well my showing went well !