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  1. Programming020195BRook

    1GAM January Entry and End of Year Recap

    Very nice! I sadly couldn't do a 1 game a month... Way to much going on to commit myself to any projects outside of work. If you do indeed try 1 game a month, please post your progress! Maybe try it with Android to get experience with smaller games?
  2. Programming020195BRook

    Going to Chrome Web Store

    Wish I could offer some advice, but I've never used Chrome before.
  3. Programming020195BRook

    iPad version

  4. Programming020195BRook

    A C64 Game - Step 83

  5. Programming020195BRook

    Hammering away on code and art

    Impressed as always!
  6. Programming020195BRook

    Level rendering

    Looking good!
  7. Programming020195BRook

    Going to Game Jolt

    You did a superb job in developing the game!
  8. Programming020195BRook

    First steps

    Looking good!
  9. Programming020195BRook

    Going to Game Jolt

    Hello Severin! I enjoyed the game a lot! Very interesting concept! I love defense games like this, but never played one like the one you made. Great job!
  10. Programming020195BRook

    Classic RPG #1 - Task 10 (Graphic Revamp)

    Thankfully all the EXP and STATS are completed. Once you level up you have the option of selecting which stat to improve by hitting the appropriate shortcut key. I was considering having mouse control, but sadly it would throw the rest of the game off as there is only keyboard input. You can also reset your stats if you wish to make changes before confirming your applied selection. Task 10 will work on some new graphics to polish things up! I'm looking at release a video in two weeks, might take longer if other projects interfere. I'll be working on improving the look of each individual screen, plus a few other things! Stay tuned!
  11. Programming020195BRook

    Going to Game Jolt

    Sorry, I have not. I will try it some time tomorrow! Hope you had a good Christmas!
  12. Programming020195BRook

    Going to Game Jolt

  13. Programming020195BRook

    Going to Game Jolt

    Both links lead to the same place. I will rate you tomorrow.
  14. Programming020195BRook

    Archer Alec - Demo

    Let us know when you get a page for kickstarter up.
  15. Programming020195BRook

    Archer Alec - Demo

    I will back your project.
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