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  1. Hey zstrife, thanks for your interest! I will be in touch again if I find an Unreal dev with some experience to lead the programming team.
  2. Thank you, I will keep you in mind! I'd really like to fill out the visual art team before I think too much about sound. Still looking for the right members!
  3. Hi there, My name is Sagan Tucker and I'm looking for collaborators to work on a Dark Medieval Fantasy game series. Rhien has been a blacksmith's apprentice ever since his father left him in the care of Glenn Hammerfist, armorer to the king, to go on a mysterious journey. Nine years later he receives a cryptic letter from his father, saying to come home at once. Eagerly, he rushes home. But when he sees his father, something is not right. What is this about a box that contains an ancient necromancer's spell that will awaken his dead mother? That's madness! Everyone knows that magic doesn't exist, and the Lord of the Dead is merely a Fae Story, told to scare children... But his father is very adamant. And when he finally opens the box, all of the darkness he'd wished was only nightmares comes pouring forth... Will he stand idly by as his world crumbles before him? Or will he take action? The Telerian Chronicles is a Dark Medieval Fantasy 3rd person Action/Adventure with RPG elements. The plan is to make a short demo to take to Kickstarter. When it's funded everyone will be compensated for the work they've done. Revenue will also be shared upon release of the full game. Full game features: - Take part in an epic storyline and effect the outcome of the game. - Battle an army of undead, demons and an array of horrifying monsters using a unique combat system. - Gain incredible weapons, armour, and abilities that will let you obliterate your enemies. - Explore a spellbinding fantasy world, rich with beautiful landscapes, cities, and people. The team so far: Sagan Tucker - Writer & Concept Artist (Scroll down to see my concept art!) Currently looking for: Concept Artists - Good understanding of value, form, anatomy, perspective, light, color, texture, and composition - Ability to depict compelling environments and characters based off of written descriptions, which fit into the existing game world 3D Environment Artists - Experience in a 3D software package such as Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, Zbrush, etc. - Ability to sculpt high poly models and bake them onto low resolution meshes - Ability to layout UVs and texture models 3D Character Artists - Ability to create highly detailed characters in Zbrush or Mudbox and bake them onto low resolution meshes - Good knowledge of anatomy and form - Ability to layout UVs and texture models 3D Animators - Ability to rig and animate 3D characters Programmers - Experience in either Unity or Unreal Engine - Ability to take on tasks and complete them independently - Ability to work in a team using Version Control Level Designers - Experience in either Unity or Unreal Engine - Ability to block out game levels and visualize gameplay - Good knowledge of level design, including asset workflows, lighting, materials, etc. - Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, or other modeling program knowledge is a plus *All applicants: please include links to your portfolio or work in your email* If you're interested in working with me, get in touch at sagan.tucker@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you! And finally I'll leave you with some of the concept art I've done so far:
  4. Dayl

    Looking For Concept Art Talent

    Hi, just wondering what you are bringing to the table on this project? Do you code? Do you have experience working in any game engines?
  5. Dayl


    Album for Teleria
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