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  1. Getting started with C++

    I was thinking about choosing between Allegro and SFML... and from what I've heard, SFML has built in networking capabilities, so I think I'll go with it. Don't plan on doing that right off the bat of course, but for the future, it seems like it'll be handy... so I'd say SFML it is.
  2. Getting started with C++

    I'm not new to game development, or C++... but I am new to game development with C++. I've been using Multimedia Fusion 2 prior to this, and have spent about a year in college learning C++ now, so I'm hoping to ditch MMF2, and move onto some real game coding. Which libraries would you recommend I get started with?(Specifically for 2D games at this point.) We don't start using them in school until next fall, so I haven't used a library with C++ before.   A few popular ones I've heard of (but honestly know nothing about) are Allegro, OpenGL, SDL, and of course DirectX. I'd probably be more interested in something that could simplify things for me a bit to get started with, which I imagine would be none of these. Any ideas along those lines?
  3. I played violin for 6 years in school, but that was a long time ago, and I now have little to no knowledge of music left over from that, (not that there was much to begin with... I was terrible. lol) but I'm wanting to do everything in this project on my own, including the music. Of course, the only problem with that is that I have absolutely no clue where to even start when it comes to writing music. I'm going to be using 8-bit music in this game, and have already downloaded famitracker, and gone through some tutorials on how to use it... so that just leaves the writing part. Is there any way I can learn how to do this(Without paying money.)?
  4. Beginner Question About Game Design

    Thanks for the links, I'm still having some trouble with it though. So, if anyone has a tutorial on this for python, please let me know.
  5. Well, when I first started learning, I just watched/read tutorials, and did exactly what they did, and learned nothing from it. When I actually come up with a program I really needed, and tried to make it, I not only re-learned (it had been awhile) what the tutorials taught me, but also about 500x more within just a couple days. For me learning by doing was definitely the best method. That said, I had already read a lot in tuorials, so I started top-down, got a general feel for it, and then went to bottom-up. So, perhaps both might be best.
  6. So, this is something that no one ever seems to talk about in either programming, or game design books/tutorials. (That I've seen anyway.) I've actually started coding my first real game in python, and I'm wondering... when should I start using multiple files, and what parts of the game should go into their own separate files? I'm assuming it shouldn't all be in one 20 thousand line file. (I mean minecraft has a few hundred, though it's obviously a million times more complex than my game.) Probably a really stupid nooby question, but I'm really not sure. lol