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  1. hey, i saw your post, i would like to talk to you about my project to see if you are interested.
  2. no sir, but I do have gchat. got gmail/gchat?
  3. right on, got MSN or something?
  4. Not a whole lot man, just workin and keepin the hustle strong. how bout you?
  5. Thanks for the help!(Matty from #gamedev hehe)
  6. Are you currently on a project?
  7. HEY!

    [quote name='Krohm' timestamp='1324112173' post='4894725'] Welcome Mike, this site is the best. I look forward to see your stuff! [/quote] thanks! pretty soon ill be growing my team as i will be looking for concept artists to start my next phase of the project i am on.
  8. HEY!

    well currently i am working on a space exploration/action game using the UDK engine. I am currently in the conceptual phase, i have done other concepts of various type, everything from RPG to sci fi. I dont have a site built i am too poor although i also do have experience in using Joomla to build sites. I do tech support as my other job, i work 3 jobs :/ (i consider this a job too) I primarly do it because i love it. What is your project site?
  9. HEY!

    hey guys my name is Mike, i have been doing off and on game design for a few years, primarily for learning however i have been part of teams doing the "framework" basically, developing the concept and helping with prototyping. However i am looking to do a few things here. 1. Network with other people 2. make some friends 3. grow my skills. I am always down for a conversation so hit me up! Mike