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  1. The #'th game engine question.

    After years and years of studying different game engines, I would say Unity is the best on out there. You can rapidly develop video games. The Pro version costs $1,500 and there are pretty amazing graphical advances with this game engine. It does not really have a good multithreading system, so if you are trying to develop an MMO it would be difficult to design a fast MMO. I have a work around where I am able to use multithreading and have an ObjectPool which the multithreader actually pulls unity commands so I can run Unity a lot faster and with ease. Cheers, Stackout
  2. Weka, The language does not matter when it comes to developing; however, if you are trying to implement a leveling system, I would recommend going with the simplest route of getting a certain amount of experience and increasing that characters level, resetting the experience to zero and then as per each level increase their BASE skill sets. For instance, every level should likely increase their "attack" attribute by 1. The concept of leveling is to give the character a strength bonus that the newer and/or lower level characters do not have. Does this answer your question? Respectfully, Stackout