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  1. " ??????????? ???? ???? ?? ????????. :) " Nope, ?? ??????? :p
  2. ? ??? ?? ?? ??????, ?? ???? ?????? ?? ?????? :3 .
  3. ne e kato da stavam 7:30 za da otida na party ^^
  4. "?????? ? ?????? ??? ????? , ????? ?????" -???? 2013
  5. iskam da sexam taz luna
  7. I am no hater like you, bow down to a nigger thats greater then you
  8. Uh I saw your debates in the comments so I decided to give my view point as a 16 years old "begginer" in programming.   So as a start I would like to say I am completly self taught, I learned HTML,CSS really young, when I was 4th grade ( that would mean I was 11 years old) and followed the road to javascript jquery php and finaly c++, after I covered the basics of C++ I started learning SDL from all the great articles arround the net. That not only  taught me how to use SDL but how basic games are structured and the essentials of how they work inside out, I started using classes, functions, pointers, timers and much more, everything I have put so many hours of learning was in use And then I realised I didnt know how to use structures, so I decided to go back and learn it and this got me to here.   Now I knew the stuff in the article except one thing that shoked me, you said in the article: "Again, the major languages have linked lists in their standard libraries. In C++ it is called a list " I found out I didnt know structures at the point when I wanetd to create a 3d tile game and I found out I didnt knew how to structure it at all, after reading abit about it I found out I would like to use a linked list but when I turned my back at std:list It said that its not infact a link list and its not what I wanna use, so now I am confused about it.   As a whole the article is great its really helpful series even for someone that is abit older then your daughter but as I said I already new THAT much of the basics at the moment of this righting there are alot more tutorials of the series for me to read so I am sure I would learn alot from them. Thank you for your effort to put this series together.   P.S sorry for the wall of text.
  9. 39 gradusa temperatura dali puk ne mi e fun ;d
  10. Koito te butne, az go maja
  11. radwame kak wsichki postwat neshta ot sorta na "po tapo ne moje da stane" eh taq walshebna koleda ...
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