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  1. Wata hell is wrong with me... Why am i only having 3-4 hours sleep every night and yet feels like i had 8 or more eventhough my eyes and body still tired
  2. new year's eve and im stuck completely home alone... wat a drag...
  3. This turn of the year it seems im not doing much... thats gonna suck...
  4. arrggghhh... i need to find a cab or a minivan quick
  5. Does anyone from my course in uni knows what the exact day for our programming essentials exam is??
  6. Tutorial for making your own 2D Game Engine

    Hello there I am new to this forum, and I was wondering if any of you guys could help on a little project that I am doing at University. basically I am creating a breakout game which I know is not that difficult to make but the catch is I need to use the game engine that they have provided called GFC. and I cannot seem to make some things work. I cannot use openGL since we haven't learned it yet so it would be cheating in a way. if anyone could help that would be appreciated. I'll forward the engine so you can have a look at it. my email is if anyone would like to help me please contact me on the email above. Thank you.