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  1. Inventory System

    That is the problem, we are trying to script exchangable items. Include IDs, maybe car plates that you can craft into the cars or send them to a specialized place, basically if the player has another player's item, the other player won't have it back, if it's stolen the police will have to find out.
  2. Inventory System

    How would we load the item if the player is offline though?
  3. Inventory System

    [quote name='menyo' timestamp='1329335513' post='4913441'] Well i can help you with writing binary data in C#. Let's say this is your item class that uses a string for the type of the item and a int for the player ID. [code]public class TheData { public string SomeName; public int SomeNumber; }[/code] Here is a simple class i could serialize this data into xml and load it back in. [code]class Serializer { TheData data = new TheData(); public Serializer(string theName, int theNumber) { data.SomeName = theName; data.SomeNumber = theNumber; } public void Save(string fileName) { Stream stream = File.Create(fileName); XmlSerializer serialize = new XmlSerializer(typeof(TheData)); serialize.Serialize(stream, data); stream.Close(); } public static TheData Load(string fileName) { Stream stream = File.OpenRead(fileName); XmlSerializer serialize = new XmlSerializer(typeof(TheData)); return (TheData)serialize.Deserialize(stream); } }[/code] Using these .net references in the serialization class. using System.Xml; using System.Xml.Serialization; [/quote] Thank you very much, I'll give that a try and see how I go.
  4. Inventory System

    It's PAWN for San Andreas Multiplayer, it's kind of like C, but I am experienced on the language and If you guys talk to me in another language like C, C#, C++ I can script it into PAWN. I honestly just need the basics on what variables to use and what functions would be needed, specially in unique items like badges that can be changed (like, my name is deskoft, I can give deskoft's ID to another player, and he can fake being deskoft).
  5. Inventory System

    Hello, I find myself trying to script a realistic inventory system, and I am having trouble, so I thought this was the best place to ask for aid. Basically it's a multi-player game, "hardcore Roleplaying" (basically it's actually with a local chat and Roleplaying rules), it's in the modern era, therefore, for example, people can steal a badge from a police officer and use it to fake being a cop, people can craft stuff if they are in the primary sector (agriculture). Therefore, each item will have different values, as of badges, IDs, vehicle registrations and ownerships, everything may be robbed and everything can be shared. I have been trying to figure the best way to do this, maybe anyone has something in mind? Thank you in advance for your unconditional help, Matthew Striker.
  6. Lawedan Minecraft Show Chapter 4: Night Fight!: