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  1. boldyman

    About multiple files in C++

    Check this site for a tutorial on this subject:
  2. boldyman


    This is a programming forum, but ill will answer this one anyway. Just update the pages (content, title, etc) and google will re-index it. (Takes a few days-weeks). If you changed the names of the pages, then it takes very long before they are removed. (With "google webmaster tools" you can request to remove pages from the index). NextDawn C and C++ Tutorials Make Money Online
  3. boldyman

    Opening a file in C++ for ouput without erasing

    Take a look C++ Tutorials they have a tutorial about this.
  4. boldyman

    game development contests

    In what language? (You didn't say) If I use google i found sevarel! NextDawn
  5. boldyman

    im Beginner of Php and Need Help...

    Or you can install apache and php on your machine. You can setup apache on your loopback adress Good luck! NextDawn MoneyAside
  6. Use text config if you want to do something quick (small project) Use xml files on larger projects or make a XML parser class (once) XML pros : everything between tags (easier search and dependencie checks) XML cons : harder to setup There are some free XML (parser) libs out there! Good luck!
  7. boldyman

    time in c++

    Don't use time.h use the high performance counter (QueryPerformanceFrequency etc). Check this url Edit: Check your inbox of this site ;-) Good Luck!
  8. boldyman

    save/load basics

    It entirely depends on the game. But some basic are: - position of player - positions of enemy's - how much ammo left - already any mission accomplished - etc, etc Tell us more about your game maybe we can help you further! Good luck!
  9. boldyman

    Hi from a newbie

    No question?
  10. boldyman

    how to

    I don't know such an engine, but there are plenty of free 3d engines out there. Use one of them to make you game. (Ogre, etc) Good luck!
  11. boldyman

    cost of abstraction in DBs?

    Gamasutra has a article on it here (you need to login!) Good luck!
  12. boldyman

    cout vs printf ???

    In C++ you should always use cout. Because it is fast!! Use the standard library where ever possible.
  13. boldyman

    Book recommendations im confused

    I think you should not start with building an engine. Instead you should first learn an API (opengl or directx). ( for opengl tutorials) But if you already know one of the API's (you did not say if you did) take a look at our site. We have some book reviews of books we use. Good luck!!
  14. boldyman

    microflash TCP embedded bug

    First of all, i don't know this board. But i found this link In that link they are talking about the setup of the vorland compiler. Quote: When programming for the Flashlite, the Platform will always be DOS (Standard). I think you are compiling your program in the wrong mode. I don't know DevC++, but when you create project can you choose between a console program project and win32 project? (Like in visual studio) You have to choose console program! If you have the manual (pdf) of that board you can mail it to me. Maybe then i can help you further! Good luck!!
  15. boldyman

    Basic collision (2d)

    Take a look at this link Good luck
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