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    Game programming help

    I've been studying for years, yet it feels like I know very little/nothing. At least for when it comes down to advanced stuff(things I find advanced at least). What would be the best way to familiarize myself with game programming? (i.e; Graphics/sound included.)
  2. kronus980

    Game programming help

    [quote name='Khatharr' timestamp='1357344325' post='5017571'] Working with a 3D world is more complex than working with a 2D world. You may want to try the easier of the two before you try to tackle the harder [/quote] Ehh..we'll see  I usually accept a challenge.   [quote name='Khatharr' timestamp='1357344325' post='5017571'] Design comes first. Build your design from the top down (in your head or on paper) and then start writing the code that will implement that design. [/quote] Right, and agreed.   [quote name='Khatharr' timestamp='1357344325' post='5017571'] Just use the documentation as a reference and you'll usually automatically memorize the stuff you use the most [/quote]   I've memorized a few small API's  I thought it was normal 
  3. kronus980

    Game programming help

    I've been studying programming for some years, and I'm well versed in C++ and Java. I know the very basics of coding in OpenGL, whilst currently learning OpenGL ES 2.0, and had a few questions: - Before programming a 3D world, I hear it's suggested to start off with 2D. Is it recommended to do so? And how much is it recommended?   - What parts of the game are to be coded first? (i.e; if it's a 3D game, the model loader? Or menus and getting them to work?)   - Is a mastery of an API necessary before using it? (i.e; Knowing most of it off the top of your head)   - And what is the best light linux IDE? I love Geany and I've yet to find something as conveniently packed with features whilst being this light.   Any knowledge on any of these topics would be appreciated.
  4. kronus980

    Specific Model Format

    I like .X and .obj. Hmm I may end up going with .X though. I will return here if I need any help thanks again.
  5. kronus980

    Specific Model Format

    Roger roger. Thank you!
  6. kronus980

    Specific Model Format

    Hello again, it's been a while since I've posted. I was originally programming in java but over the course of these months I've been studying more C and just a bit of C++. I would think I'm ready for graphics with games now. I've been wondering what is the preferred model format for beginners? And texture format? I would assume .bmp would be the easier choice for textures. But yes: -Direct X: What model? .X? .MD2-3? -Texture: .DDS? .BMP? Any advice/help/suggestions/tutorials would be appreciated. Thanks!
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