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  1. Learning. New guy.

    I'm only 30, but the first computer we had in our house was one of them pong machines with the paddle controllers lol. Then i got a spectrum 128k, Amiga 500 plus, Amiga CD (yes i had one of them), Mega drive, Mega CD, SNES, Playstation, 1, and 2.. I built a few PC towers and now i have a packard bell laptop and a Xbox 360 And inbetween all that I like to record me playing Guitar on our Ipad 2
  2. Learning. New guy.

    Thanks a lot guys there's some great advice here first thing in the morning I'm gonna get netbeans and have a look at that. When I was a kid I used to constantly sit in front of my Amiga 500 plus drawing game ideas and trying to program games with my father. It was a good feeling and I'm getting it all back again now ;) Cheers
  3. Learning. New guy.

    Thanks for the info guys. I've downloaded JDK but have know idea how to run it. I would like to get a good understanding of every aspect of game creating. If I feel like I'm progressing and learning new things I will put my all into it. I just need to get my head around this first step. Getting a program running (java), so I can start writing lol
  4. Learning. New guy.

    Hi I'm new to everything. But I'm very creative and have always wanted to make my own game however simple. I am a big fan of Minecraft and so i was thinking maybe java would be a good place to start learning, but where do i start? what do i need to download? I need a place to start writing script I'm guessing? And I know I cannot jump straight in so I'm willing to copy something that has been done before to get to grips with scripting. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Daniel [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img]
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