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  1. Is this it?   http://gamemechanicexplorer.com/
  2. shacktar

    Portfolio Review Request

    I have taken the following suggestions from this thread to heart and I will eventually implement them in my portfolio: Make a separate web page for the resume Make pages for each project offering project summaries and other details Add videos Try to condense the resume Thank you all for your advice!
  3. shacktar

    Portfolio Review Request

    Hello StarMire,   Thank you for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated.   Thanks for the suggestion. I was actually planning on doing this so I'll give that a higher priority.   I'll see what I can do about making those explanations more approachable.   Any other feedback is welcome.
  4. Hello,   I am a CAD tools developer looking to transition into the game industry as a programmer. After reading this site and some others, I see that my best bet is to supplement my experience with a portfolio of game-related projects.   My current portfolio is available here: http://www.shacharavni.com   I would like feedback on any aspects of it (website, resume, or code).   Thank you in advance for your time.
  5.   2500 seems a little high for the x coordinate. Maybe you meant something like 250 instead?   If you find the console window to be a nuisance, you can always make it not show up by selecting Windows (/SUBSYTEM:WINDOWS) under Linker -> System -> SubSystem in your project settings.
  6. shacktar

    How to program tile transitions (C++/SFML)

    Typically, the transitions are part of the tiles themselves.   For instance, look in the top left of the following tileset. Notice how the grass and water meeting diagonally are part of the same tile. Same thing for sand meeting the grass, and the grass meeting the mountains.  
  7.   DeleteData() does indeed call the correct delete function based on the "m_type" value, so the assignment of the meta-data is vital for it to work. ...   So then shouldn't you do what SeanMiddleditch implied, and call DeleteData before you assign the meta-data in the copy assignment operator?   Edit: I was looking at the code (that wasn't changed). I didn't see the two posts above.
  8. Array sizes need to be known at compile time.   The problem here is that the lines here: Tile *tiles[ TOTAL_TILES ];  Tile *walls[ TOTAL_TILES_WALL ];  do not know what the values of TOTAL_TILES and TOTAL_TILES_WALL actually are because they are defined in another compilation unit (they are defined in global.cpp but needed in main.cpp)   It is good practice to put extern const int MY_GLOBAL; in the header and const int MY_GLOBAL = 10; in the cpp file. In cases with non-cost objects, this is necessary to prevent linker errors. However, in this case, this leads to the above confusion.   You could actually put  const int TOTAL_TILES = 192; const int TOTAL_TILES_WALL = 1; in global.h and remove their definitions entirely from global.cpp and it will compile for you. And it won't produce any linker errors because constants defined like this essentially disappear as their values are copied wherever necessary without them actually taking up a linker symbol.
  9. shacktar

    OpenGL - Soil texture all black

    If the texture color is being multiplied by this color then that could be the problem. Try using white instead. i.e.   glColor4f(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f); If that doesn't work, we might have to see your shaders. 
  10. Here, in initRenderer (line 144) you're attempting to bind a VAO as a VBO. Try using *vbo there.   In your renderFunction it looks like you're rendering with the VBO but your VAO is still bound. Pick one or the other. If you want to render with the VBO directly (and this is preferred to VAOs anyway), then disable your VAO before calling your renderFunction.   Your clear color is also fully transparent. You probably want a 1.0f as the last component.
  11. shacktar

    Beginning Game Programming

      I am currently developing a game (and game engine in tandem) in C++. I too like the feeling of having my own code doing a lot of the heavy lifting. I have chosen to do the rendering and physics code myself and to unload the other tasks to libraries. The following is my current setup. Perhaps this can give you a rough idea of what libraries you may need to use as well.   C++ OpenGL OpenAL (for audio)    - Ogg/Vorbis (for loading .ogg files) GLEW (for grabbing OpenGL extensions/version info) GLFW (window management and user input) stb_image (image loading) RapidXML (XML parsing)
  12. Have you tried seeing what glGetError reports? First, try calling glGetError after your call to glUniform4fv.
  13. shacktar

    Rendering text

      In the OpenGL convention, 0,0 is the bottom left. The Y coordinate subtraction from the height is the typical practice to place the coordinate into window space.
  14.   unordered_map was put in the C++ standard as of C++11. Have you considered migrating to C++11?
  15. shacktar

    "built-in loop" question

      There is no "built-in loop". The Main function/method is run precisely once. If you're thinking of the "Main Game Loop", then that has to be inserted by the programmer.     No, not all programming languages require a main function/method. Interpreted languages commonly don't require a Main. e.g. JavaScript, Scheme, Lua     It's the other way around. Main is run exactly once. An infinite loop would have to programmed (or caused by a bug).
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