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  1. Any new years resolutions?
  2. [quote name='Tom Sloper' timestamp='1325377233' post='4898568'] And what is the purpose of your post? A - You're asking how to recruit your crew B - You're asking for people to join your crew If the question is A, then this belongs in Production & Management. If the purpose is B, then this thread needs to be closed/deleted, and you need to post in Help Wanted. [/quote] Thanks for asking that, I would say it would be in both fields, in which case this would belong in Help wanted? Thanks again.
  3. I've been working on Aieslum's concept for the past 12 years, It went through many changes in both its lore and game mechanics. I decided after over a decade that the final result would be of a 2.5d Plat former (like that of a "movement style" from Golden ax), with a battle system similar to a generic beat-em-up, with several new "add-ons", such as having an "Artillery mode" and a "Hand to hand" Mode. The objective of the game will vary from mode to mode (In the story mode, it would vary depending on the mission/stage). They could range from a simple "Take out all enemies and proceed" to "Defend the tower by hiring new units/turrets for "X" Amount of time" (Tower defense.) I have allot of text documents that point out many of the features I've considered for the game. Units, Items, Stages, and many, many other concepts. However other than my text I only have Concept art. Which I shall upload here as time goes by, however it's only character concept art. I'll be needing a crew to complete this game series, as I have plans for sequels. I did not spend 12 years just thinking about one game. However I do not plan to start on this game until I get college done, but i would like to organize the crew beforehand. I will upload the character concepts on request. Same goes for the text files. Happy new year.
  4. Mario Kart 64.... I spend so many hours on that game. SO... MANY... HOURS...
  5. When it comes to gaming, I mean. Alot of times I see or hear of great ideas from people who have no programming knowledge, just as often i see great programmers/devs who just have no ideas at all. Would anybody here agree that ideas are just as valuable as knowledge, or are ideas not as valuable?
  6. [quote name='Eelco' timestamp='1325355128' post='4898508'] [quote name='ZogJhones' timestamp='1325352213' post='4898488'] Monetary System. The US government/economy is mostly concerned with gaining a monetary gain out of... pretty much everything. [/quote] Yeah, you rarely hear of anyone operating a refinery as a charity. It sounds like a splendid idea though; whats keeping you? [/quote] College.
  7. Monetary System. The US government/economy is mostly concerned with gaining a monetary gain out of... pretty much everything.
  8. Hello all, just thought I'd make my first post by introducing myself. I've been working on a project for the past 12 years, however, the project has only been theoretical, with an established story line, game concept, and "stats". Thus far I've only come up with some concept art (mostly by friends), and a large amount of text documents. I come here to learn the fundamentals of game design, and hopefully meet a designer or two that would like to help me with my project. I'll be uploading my work later on as i get to know the community, and the community gets to know me. Anyhow I hope I enjoy my stay here, also, Happy new year.