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    A few questions for Indie devs

    1. I've released one game on Steam and am putting another game on Steam this year.  The hardest thing is developing a community around your project I would say.   2. The biggest motivation is trying to make something really cool :) In the end, your game is an outpouring of your own personal passion, and that kind of creativity always builds you up.   3. Normally from other games I play!  Both games were definitely inspired by the things I love about certain games, and things I wish those games did, so each one is really unique in it's own right.   4. Be patient with talking about certain features or sharing things about the game.  In the end, you really only want to put out good work!   Here's the new page for my most recent game, check out the forums and post any game-specific questions you might have there! then you can see what it's like to develop a game from the ground up in real time! Looking forward to chatting with you :)   http://www.lightspeedfrontier.com/
  2. Copy and pasted from the (new) forums here.  We're trying to grow the community, so come and check it out :)   http://www.lightspeedfrontier.com/   Story goes, you're an average Joe working shifts at a frontier outpost until one day when you've stockpiled enough cash to get an old rusty command pod and see where the solar wind takes you.  But the outer reaches of the galaxy can be a scary place. Corporations have been around for years, and have been monopolizing resources and benefiting from their ill-gotten gains. Also, it can be tough to track down criminals who are traveling at relativistic speeds, so naturally many of them have joined up to have a space pirate tea party out there... complete with guns, anger, and unreasonably high opinions of themselves.  So back to the ships. It's your job to equip yourself with means necessary to make a living out in these parts, and that means fast engines, a well built vessel, and guns. Lots and lots of guns. You will receive transmissions to your space dock for quests to help fund your new fun-loving lifestyle. You will run into pirates who would love nothing more than to pick their teeth with the broken shards of your spirit. But if you're lucky, you can loot their remains for your own gain. All of this to say, your goal is to build the best damn ship in the outer reaches, and here are some considerations for you.  * Ships rely on real (or close to it..) space physics. Your mass and weight distribution are key factors in your ship designs. You will need to balance how much armor you have with where your important ship components are placed.  * You don't have to watch for engine placement that much as all of them will puch your ship foreward perfectly, but they need to be protected from enemy fire so consider that before lunging forward.  * Your guns will fire in the direction that you place them on your ship. Side guns shoot to side, front guns shoot to the front. You get the idea.  * You can heal your ship by going back to your space station. There, the healing arm of life will dispense green nanobot goodness all over you - for a price.    Here's a pre-alpha showcase
  3. TheKroge

    Designing for a non-traditional RPG

    Awesome, thanks for the thoughts. I've spoken to some other people about the game as well who PM'ed me, and with the help of your input as well, I think I am finally starting to feel a better sense of direction with the game. The user will be able to have temporary performance enhancers, which they can spend their money on, and the main item that will aid the player will be shoes, but I will look into more racing games to get an idea of more items for the player. Ideally, I think the training (and potentially nutrition if users want to micro-manage that much) should be the deciding factor in who wins races instead of the items, so I don't want to focus on them too much. Keep the thoughts coming though, I'll update you all once I get a better sense of where to start the story.
  4. Hello all. I'll try to keep this concise. I'm developing a game right now, an RPG, that is not the typical create character-> find gear -> kill monsters -> find more gear -> complete quest -> win game. It's more of a competitive RPG in which the user plays a distance runner, and you have to train and complete certain tasks in order to become a better/faster runner. There is a minimal amount of items in the game currently, and I expect it to more or less stay that way, as they are really just a way to give incentive for users to perform the quests (ie, if you don't perform quests, you don't get items). You do get gold which you can use to get temporary power-ups and other things, so there is still some instant gratification when you win a "race". The way the game plays, and the options the user has are very simple. The user can perform a task, or "quest", to train their user, which makes them "fatigued" for a while but increases their stats. They can also race other NPCs to get money and "experience" which makes them race better. Last, they can race other users who are online, which puts them into a leaderboard that shows the fastest users who play the game. You can only be put on the leaderboard by racing other users, so there is the incentive to race other players online. The problem with this is that I'm having trouble developing a good story to drive the quests, and on top of that to create quests in general (because I have no story!). The only similar game I can think of would be something like rockband, in which you get money for doing gigs, and also notoriety so you can perform more gigs (or in this case "quests"). So I can try to do something like that, but I was just wondering if any of you have been in an odd position like this, where you couldn't base your design or story off of something already popular, because there isn't anything like it yet! I also have a thread in the help wanted for people who want to help out with this project, it is already a functional game it just has no content. If you want to play it, here's the website so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about: https://titanfiles.uwosh.edu/users/devinp52/rwav.html Any criticism/helpful hints, etc are welcome! Thanks for reading.
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