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    Need advice for going open source

    The model for your license is almost identical to one that I needed for a project of mine. The only solution that made me happy was writing my own license. Looking at BSD, MIT, and other commercial licenses should give you a good idea on what you need to include. Just make sure that it's very clear that you hold zero liability for its use, and that it may only be used under the conditions you specify. Lastly, make sure the license contains your name, the date, and some contact info so the rightful owner of the project and license (you) is correctly identified.
  2. w00tf0rfr00t

    Starting a Game Company

    Postal Boxes? Definitely smaller rent than an actual floor. You can probably reroute all content to your address from there, but I can't say if dodging the bullet is legal.[/quote] Do NOT do this! I did a lot of research on this topic because I was interested in starting a company outside of the state that I currently reside in. After a few weeks of searching, I found examples were people were arrested and/or fined for doing this. It isn't illegal everywhere, and many of the laws regarding this are vague, but it just isn't worth it. I would give the same advice regarding virtual offices. It's so hard to know if you are breaking a law in the country you actually reside in, or the country your business is supposed to be located in. The right way to do this is to hire a lawyer (specifically one that has knowledge of international business law concerning the two countries in question).
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