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  1. Giving the sample rate in Hz is because this would be the clock frequency that is used to drive the A/D Converter, if it do the conversion in a single step.
  2. Tribad

    Programming a microcontroller

    Your ideas are not so bad, learning how things work. But you do not need to let  a renderer run on a bare CPU without OS. To lern to access hardware directly have a look into the linux kernel source. Everything else can be run in userspace.   And accessing the GPU directly is, AFAIK, impossible because these things are someway a secret of the GPU companies.
  3. Tribad

    Crosscompiling from Linux to Windows

    In the configuration script that mostly come with the source packages use the --host --target parameters But better have a look in the lists of parameters with ./configure --help   It may work.
  4. Tribad

    Visual Programming

    Its a bit like I use my UML tool. Only because I am too lazy to extend my code-generator to handle activity diagrams I must type my code. Statemachines and the static design is done visual.
  5. Tribad

    This singleton keeps crashing.

    Anyways where it is. The types defined there are to avoid troubles with the data sizes if something, hardware, depends on it.
  6. Tribad

    This singleton keeps crashing.

    If you needed fixed sizes for your datatypes use stdint.h this header file should be part of the compiler and works in respect to the pre defined macros a compiler issues. The headerfile defines types like int16_t uint32_t and so on. The usage of these types guarantee that the variables/attributes are always the expected size regardless you compile for 32 or 64 bit OS.   Only for MS development environments this headerfile was not part of developerstudio. But because I did not use them for a long time it may changed since my last try. But somewhere in the internet you will even find a MS compatible version of stdint.h
  7. Tribad

    C++ files organisation

    Avoiding lots of search pathes on the command line has the benefit that it is clear what version of a header file is used and you need not read hundreds of -I parameters with long pathes to find at which point something goes wrong.   But as I already said. It is always alot of work if you move a module around.
  8. Tribad

    C++ files organisation

    Using relative includes is a good choice to prevent many -I<include dir> compiler parameters. This way you can go inside a subdir with sources and start the compiler/make in there without thinking about where you are and how your compiler include parameter must look.   But... in fact it is awesome to handle if you move a module around.   Because I use UML with a code generator that produces the include statements I do not think about the positioning. It is always right and works, even if I move around the modules in the model.
  9. Tribad

    C++ files organisation

    Putting header files into a include folder has the advantage that you have all interfaces to your modules in a single place, like /usr/include and /usr/local/include on UNIX style systems. To make the software available to others, maybe as a library gives you a  more simple way to find the header files to the libraries.   But at the end I suspect that it is up to your personal feeling about how to handle header files.
  10. Slackware is another user defined environment distro. The things they deliver are working well.   QtCreator worked out of the box.   But you have to compile a lot yourself. They seem sometimes a bit outdated like me too.
  11. Yes. What is it? And what has it todo with the topic?
  12. Tribad

    Is c++ good

    If I have switch from one language to another I do not try to read something right from the start. It must fail if it goes over the simple control statements and assignements. I try to make simple programs like the hello world to ask the question "in C++ it is called x and done this way. How is it done in java, C# or any other language".
  13. Tribad

    Is c++ good

    I think that it is all alike.   The biggest problem for someone who is new to any of the cited languages is the object oriented design. So the focus should be on the question how can you learn that. With the knowledge of OOD the languages all are quiet easy to use.
  14. Do include stdio.h? The printf-functions have a variable parameter list. Often make problems if no prototype available.
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