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  1. [CODE] Level map1; map1.LoadFromFile("MapTest1.tmx"); sf::View View1(sf::FloatRect(0, 0, 1000, 1000)); map1.SetDrawingBounds(View1.GetRect()); map1.Draw(window4); [/CODE] And no the console doesn't say anything else. I know that the map and tile sheet is loading correctly though. Maybe it has to do with the drawing bounds???
  2. ok I got it to load and build without errors, but when I run the program the console says "Bad map. No tile information found" I know however, that the map isn't blank. Does anyone know why it is telling me this?
  3. How would I set drawing bounds for this tiled map editor... This is the example that was in the readme level.SetDrawingBounds(somesfview.GetRect()) I'm not sure what to put in for "somesfview"
  4. How to read a tiled map editor file

    I couldn't figure out how to set the drawing bounds. Can you show me an example.(I'm the world's biggest programming noob)
  5. How to read a tiled map editor file

    ok I've been making some progress with it. One last thing(hopefully).... It says you have to set drawing bounds before drawing. Can you explain how to do this and maybe what it is doing. The example that was give is..... level.SetDrawingBounds(somesfview.GetRect())
  6. How to read a tiled map editor file

    I'm not sure on how to link tinyxml to codeblocks... I don't know which file i need to link
  7. I recently started using Tiled Map Editor and I'm not sure how to get my program to read the map file. I'll be using sfml with tiled. So if anyone out there can explain this as thoroughly as possible it would really help me out. Also, if you want to through in some extras such as characters with sfml/tiled(I can get a character implemented in sfml but i'm not sure how to do it in tiled), map properties(collisions, etc.), and basic side scrolling. Thanks guys.
  8. Advice for 2d level design in SFML

    Can I use tiled with sfml?
  9. How to see if two sprites are intersecting in SFML

    Alright I'll give it a try. I guess I didn't interpret you right the first time.
  10. How to see if two sprites are intersecting in SFML

    I'm sorry guys but I still just don't get it. I can get collisions to work like this [CODE] if (pball.GetPosition().x <= ppaddle.GetPosition().x + ppaddle.GetSize().x && pball.GetPosition().x + pball.GetSize().x >= ppaddle.GetPosition().x && pball.GetPosition().y <= ppaddle.GetPosition().y + ppaddle.GetSize().y && pball.GetPosition().y + pball.GetSize().y >= ppaddle.GetPosition().y) [/CODE] but i can't get it to work when i rotate the sprite.(which I need it rotated) The sfml collision tests don't make sense to me and there is hardly any tutorials out there. I need someone to put it in black and white for me.(I'm a NOOB still lol) Thanks guys
  11. Advice for 2d level design in SFML

    Does anyone know a good 2d level/map editor out there. It needs to be free and I'd like for it to be able to make good quality games and I'd like for it to be open source.
  12. Advice for 2d level design in SFML

    Ok that clears a lot up, thanks for helping out.
  13. Advice for 2d level design in SFML

    I still don't understand level editors at all. Are they worth using? How do they work with your program?
  14. I'd like to learn more about 2d level design. I've done some simple 2d games but i'm looking to get a little more complex in the future. 1. What is the best way to load and draw all of my sprite into my map. 2. How would i make a side-scroller (Isn't something about changing the sf::View) 3. What are the purposes of level editors and how do they work. 4. Anything else i should know. I know i don't know nearly as much as i should, but that's why i'm here.
  15. How to see if two sprites are intersecting in SFML

    ok i finally got back to programming.(being 14 its hard to find time sometimes) The prints were fine except the sizes of the paddle were mixed up. I believe it is because I rotated the sprite before i drew it so it would be in the right direction. Do you think this is true? When I rotated the sprite back to its original rotation the collision detection worked perfectly. Also, how would i need to change my if statement above to make this work.