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  1. Interactions with Video Sequences

    The YouTube way is the simplest solution, if you really want another way, I would use Flash (having worked with it). This would just give you more control for the keybind,etc. It uses ActionScript which is not hard to pickup. Benefit would be making a desktop version of it with Adobe AIR or you could just upload the SWF to a website. To optimize the video size, try limiting the Video FPS to ~24, and lower the bitrate. For each interaction you could stream in only the videos you actually require.
  2. Unity Is Flash dying?

    In one word, yes otherwise the answer would be not really. Take a look at Haxe, OpenFL, Citrus Engine, PlayScript (from Zynga) and then see if you can answer that faithfully.
  3. Help with choosing a level editor

    Closest thing I could find:   Only other one seems to be HGE but i think the project has been stale since 2008.
  4. Looking for Input on Forum Creation

    Check out for a nicely done solution, if your running your own server I guess discourse would be a good choice.