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  1. Just how complex are AAA games?

    I imagine that writing a game solo, you start to realize that refining any one part of your game could months of your dedicated attention. And games that have huge teams behind them are obviously the only ones that have the opportunity to do exactly that so it shouldn't be surprising that their code-bases might start to look extremely arcane.
  2. Flash or Game Maker? Starting point to game development

    Game maker is easier to get into and kind of holds your hand most of the way -Flash is a bit more involved but offers more flexibility once you've built up a bit of skill.
  3. PyGame, Cocos2d or PyGlet?

    Thanks for the post -Pyglet is also my firm favourite here. Unfortunately its been very quiet since its last 2012 release.   As for your pros/cons another point might be python 3 support. Pyglet's last release began the process but its still an early alpha -Im not sure about pygame.
  4. Improvements on a game

    Its not such a big deal but I would consider using enums for bodyparts, weapons and magic. It tends to make code easier to maintain
  5. Want to put a team together (Group Learning)

    I really like your team idea -it's something I've considered doing myself once or twice. As thok said, you still need to manage youself but i think working in a tight-knit team increases motivation and teaches you loads. What language were you thinking of using? I know a little c++, flash and python but my main language is Java. I am also working on my art skills (if we happen to work on something with a few graphics). So ya -I'm in