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  1. Hi, it's basically a numbers game and you learn from talking to people that have launched successful games at conferences and such.   When I was head of marketing at a game studio recently I wrote a piece on how you measure the value of your game, and what metrics to track:   I hope it's useful for you on how to think about the value of your game.   Freemium is usually the most profitable model, but it also needs lot's time to test and tweak the system to charge the right amount and at the right time.   Good luck!
  2. is this a good story?

    I think it's a good start.   Like mentioned above, it's hard to know what the next plot is. What is the lawless land, and just because it's lawless, why are they out to get you? Are the dragons useful in some way and are they evolving, or are they just luggage? Why are you protecting them? What is your motivation or drive?   No that you've written the first scene, try writing the last one. That will help you fill in the blanks in between. :)
  3. Events for a space empire game

    What kind of strategy game are we talking about? Build troops and conquer (star craft) of more of a manage resources game (sim city)?   I like the ideas from Stormynature.   Some addition to that could be   - preperations for a deep space colony expedition - An alliance gone bad - a love story
  4. Hi,   I would really like your feedback on a platform I just released in Alpha. Gruntmutter is basically Twitter for RPG characters and much more.   Background: Basically every roleplayer I know makes up long stories about their characters, details about their game world and drawings of their epic weapons. Some play LARPs, others in online MMORPGs and some on websites that offer campaigns of turnbased RPGs.   At Gruntmutter you can build your character's story, interact with other characters in your guild or fellowship, keep a chronicle on your sucessful quests and even play fullblown rpg campaigns.   If there is a demand for it I might build an API that allows other games to post updates (mutters) to the system to share character progress.   It's also fine to create fake accounts for Game of thrones characters etc and post mutters just for the sake of laughter.   I have no idea where this will end and what the platform's primary feature will be. This is where I need help. Please try it and give me your feedback on where you think this can be useful. It's currently in invite-only, and I'll invite 50 people as a start, to not clutter the system. Every person invited will also have the chance to invite another 5 people. This system is based on friends so there is no point otherwise.   So. Send me an email at to be added or just give me your feedback on the idea in this forum.   And remember; it's in Alpha. Bugs will appear. Appriciate if you send'em to me. Thanks!!        
  5. Thanks guys. Testning is a must and I really like the idea of starting simple and expanding with new features and abilities as the game grows. Any ideas on similar games I can try?
  6. Hi All, This is my first post in this forum so bare with me if I don't know the culture just yet. I'm playing with the idea of creating an online card game, like Magic the Gathering (I know, I'm not the only one in this forum thinking about it) My main concern is not related to technology, but how to balance the game itself. Do you guys know any good pointers to start gotchas or other good sources of knowledge for card games or turn based strategy games? If there are any existing game system you know I'm definitely interested too! Thanks for any thoughts! Björn