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  1. Sorry for the questions. I program quite frequently, but I'm not very knowledgeable in setting up APIs or External Libraries.
  2. Okay yes, that makes sense. I installed the latest SDK. Now all I really must do is configure the GLUT library correct?
  3. I've been trying to look for a tutorial online that will help me install OpenGL for a 64 bit os on Windows 7. I have been very unsuccessful in finding one. Any suggestions? , Dave
  4. Finding the Correct PC Game Dev Route

    Thank you, yes. I really enjoy projects such as those. I understand that OpenGL is friendly with C. I'll definitely look into SDL then. Thank you.
  5. Hello! I am an avid Computer Programmer, and have spent about 3 years now learning and attempting to be fully knowledgeable in different programming languages. I am strongest in Java, C, and C++. I am also very strong in Python and Perl. I am also a video game fanatic - especially in PC gaming. I was wondering if anyone could assist me by providing any preferred languages/tutorials/websites/books or any additional information that would help me get started with PC game development? I realize that my asking of these questions makes the process of learning game development seem somewhat linear and underestimated, but I am trying to find a good starting place. I have many game ideas and I have created small Java and C games on GUI applications. I have created many games on GUIs such as Bomberman, Tetris, Minesweeper, and my own demo of Fire Emblem(turn based rpg). Even though I have created working games on stand-alone applications and web applets, I REALLY want to create a strong in PC game development and find a correct route in order to do so. I am fully open to any advice and suggestions at any time. Please feel free to also email me at [url="http://dalisay_david@hotmail.com"]dalisay_david@hotmail.com[/url] . Thank you, Dave